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                My delegation and the kingdom of Jordan encourages for all countries to create their own department in charge of taking care of their world heritage sites. Then we, as UNESCO, should support those departments to develop with orientation, professional or even monetary support. For this to succeed, we might create a plan so those governmental departments may know where to start and how do things. My delegation proposes that in that plan include what Jordan is doing implementing security, restoration, regulations and to further seek for community support. For those countries under attack of ISIS, or in threat of war, we delegates, might give those countries support to ensure sufficient surveillance and protection on those world heritage sites, since there are not just of those countries, those site are from the entire world. For achieving this, our committee should seek for funding, both public and private. My delegation also proposes to give the chance to early graduate archeologists and architects, to go to those places were conflict has ceased, and give them the opportunity to restore those damaged world heritage sites. My delegation is planning to solve this on a peaceful way, but is open if there´s need of army interventions.

            The kingdom of Jordan actually owns 5 world heritage sites, which are included the baptism site, Petra, Quseir Amra, UM  er-Rasas (all cultural sites) and Wadi Rum proclaimed area (a mixed area), but according to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the country has around 100,000 archeological tourist sites. These cultural and historical areas are of high importance for the country because tourism is the cornerstone of the economy, and they also represent our vast and beautiful history. Jordan had been affected by the conflict of its neighbors Syria and Iraq, that even though none destruction had been presented on the archeological zones caused by the war, the conflict had represented a decrease of 70% on Jordan´s tourism (with 8 million being the average amount).  So, even though Jordan doesn’t fight against terrorist groups to preserve historical or archeological sites, it has a department called the Department of Antiquities and its major task is to ensure the preservation of world heritage sites. This department that apart from the government is sponsored by UNESCO had applied several successful methods to ensure preservation and protection. These actions include having permanent security guards from local communities, having staff members (architects, archeologists) that ensure the good structural quality of the building and that will give emergency restorations (if needed), have regulations and policies that ensure the preservation of the site and also include the communities with the protection of the location. Even though this has shown magnificent results, Jordan further looks for the improvement of the personnel that is giving service to these sites.

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The human race is at risk. History, one trait that makes us what we are, is being threatened as wars, terrorist groups, and even nature attempt against our world heritage sites. If we don’t make something to stop this detriment we are attempting to lose one part that makes us human. World heritage sites are defined as landmarks that are cataloged with high importance or impact in human history, culture, artistic movements, or architecture. For a place being considered world heritage site, it needs to pass a set of 10 criteria set by UNESCO. One of the bigger threats world heritage sites are having in actual times are the looting and intentional destruction, mostly in the Middle East conflict zones. Inside this, we may mention the complete destruction of Palmyra, a 1900-year-old Roman settlement in actual Syria. The destruction was in hands of ISIS, a terrorist group that started an anti-archeologist campaign is rushing all over these world heritage sites. The destruction of these cities are mostly done with improvised explosives, but the group had also implemented the use of pickaxes, guns, and even bulldozers to erose our history. The UN also announced that 17 of the 82 world heritage sites in the Arab are in danger list because of conflicts. Also, UNESCO mentioned that over 100 sites all across Iraq have been damaged. UNESCO had a deal with it by declaring the destruction of these sites a war crime. Also, it had encouraged countries to provide assistance to affected areas, increase security and protection, and to cooperate for international conservation of these areas. Also, its worth to mention the interests of UNESCO of inculcating social awareness of protecting their World Heritage sites. The efforts of the UN to control this situation are really high and had helped in great manners, but as society evolves, terrorist groups do so, and the threats for world heritage zones increases exponentially, and with this increase of threats, we need to increase our help.

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