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My parents did not believe in pocket money or payment for
chores. However, I realised that going over and above their expectations on
work led to a small reward payment. From the money I had saved over time, I
invested in Premium Bonds and was lucky enough to occasionally win small
prizes. This process fascinated me and I began to wonder how money worked.


Economics was a new subject to me at A-level but I was very
excited to begin learning more about the decisions people can make and their effect,
both positive and negative, on others. The fact there are many ways to analyse
and solve an economic problem it allows for discussion with others and the
sharing of different points of views. My interest in mathematics and dealing
with numbers has stemmed from my younger years and as I continue my study at
A-level, my ability to solve both word and number based problems and analyse
data is constantly improving. I have taken part in the UKMT maths challenge in
every year at secondary school and feel the complex problem solving sets me up
well for studying economics at university and in future careers. Completing the
Duke of Edinburgh award which has improved my ability to communicate and work
well in a team. It also taught me that it can be beneficial to allocate certain
people to jobs, like map reading, if they skilled at it making the group more

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I have been involved in volunteering at a local residential
home. During my time there I lead and organised workshops for the residents
which allowed them a time to meet new residents and feel more comfortable in
the home. This experience has improved my communication skills and being able
to listen to residents with decades of real life experience has opened my eyes
to alternate points of view. Working at Waitrose has further improved my
communication skills especially when being on the tills and being trusted alone
on the bakery and patisserie means I have to interact with various types of
customers and offer my knowledge to answer any questions they have. I also
offer any free time I have during my time there to help out other sections of
the supermarket to help my team complete all their tasks on time.


In Year 11, I took part in the Young Enterprise with a group
of fellow students. This involved the team working together to create a company
with a product. We then had to pitch our product to a group of businessmen and
businesswomen to get a money investment from them to produce our product. This
meant we had to create a fresh product and then analyse which of the investors
it would be best to pitch to and then make sure the investment we received was
spent efficiently. The project gave me an insight into starting up a business
and the challenges business owners face.


When I have spare time, I like to familiarise myself and
keep up to date with the current events by reading news sources like the Guardian,
the Economist and the BBC news website. I also write articles for the economics
newspaper at my school which allows me to take the economic theory I have
learnt in lessons and apply it to real life.

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