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My Natural disaster project A natural disaster is a naturally occurring event that can damage the environment and any civilization that it hits. Some of the natural disasters that can occur are, hurricane,thusnimes,droughts,earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes.These can also lead to other less powerful or dangerous disasters,for example droughts can lead to forest fires if the area gets dry enough, hurricanes can lead to flooding because of all of the water that they drop. The exact definition of a natural disaster is any catastrophic event that is caused by nature or the natural processes of the earth. Some natural disasters can be so severe that they take some or many lives,destroy entire cities and cost hundreds of billions of dollars with ease. Some examples of this are, hurricane katrina took 1,833 lives and cost over 125 billion dollars in damage. Fukushima in japan took over 573 lives because of a earthquake that lead to a thusnime that disabled a cooling system in a nuclear power plant leading to a nuclear power plant. The california wildfires burned over 282,000 acres in santa barbara and ventura it also took 49 lives.       My island is basically a rainforest and my natural disaster is a drought and on a rainforest island that can lead to forest fires which is obviously not good. Just to make sure you know what a drought is the exact definition is a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall; a shortage of water resulting from this. And the very over complicated version is a period of below-average precipitation in a given region, resulting in prolonged shortages in the water supply, whether atmospheric, surface water or groundwater, and basically what that’s all saying is that droughts are a period in a specific area that doesn’t get water for a prolonged amount of time.              Where does drought occur well that’s like asking why we were assigned a 1000 word essay (sorry Mrs. Milburn im kidding) anyway based on the UNCCD news in 2010 the probability of a severe drought was highest in ,spain ,parts of africa and south america. In the same report there is a prediction for what it will be like in 12 years and it added multiple countries to the very severe list the countries being ,china ,south africa and the horn of africa so drought normally occurs in dry ,flat and hot areas for example in Cape Town in south africa is in such a severe drought the 4 million residents are limited to 13.2 gallons a DAY keep in mind the average american uses 80 to 100 gallons a day they have also set a date for april 12 as day zero (when the city has to turn off the tap supply) and then all of the residents of cape town have to go to special water reserves protected by armed guards and they only receive 6.6 gallons a day.                  What are the causes of drought. Some of the causes of drought are lack of participation (rain,snow) and just because there is no rainfall in a region doesn’t mean there will be a drought some places go months without water and its completely normal for them. Another cause of drought is surface water flow. If there aren’t any lakes or streams on the surface then that means that the upstream water source (a watershed or mountain). The 3rd factor that might be the most important one because it’s the factor involving us the human factor, as you probably know trees are a very important part of the water cycle and humans love to expand their empire and trees just get in the way so they cut down the trees and that messes with the water cycle which increases the likelihood of a drought.  The 4th cause is global warming (or the greenhouse effect) with all of the pollution we send it to the atmosphere the earth’s average temp is constantly rising and the hotter the dryer and the dryer the more likely it is for a drought to occur. The last cause of drought is just temprecher it can be cold or hot in a drought to hot means it’s dryer to cold can also mean it’s dry so it’s good if the weather in an area is humid and the temp at a happy median cause then it’s not to cold and it’s not to hot and every little thing gonna be alright.              Some effects of drought on my island are, most of the vegetation at ground level would die leaving the capybara to starve the water would also dry out so the caiman would have live on land and hunt the capybara so they could survive and they would make for easy prey because they are weak from having no food. Some more short term effects would be ,Wildfires would start popping up all over the place because it would be so dry.       Some of the long term effects on my island would be. Eventually all of the capybara would die off leaving the caiman to either die off or move to the ocean and evolve to breathe salt water and the migrate to some other place with a better food supply, of course that leaves the island empty and dying unless the larger trees adapt so that their roots dig deeper into the ground for water and for those that are closer to the water they will evolve to be able to use salt water in photosynthesis. After all of that happens the drought will most likely be over and the landlocked water sources in the island would replenish.

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