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My passion for
mathematics and physics led to my decision to study engineering. I qualified
IIT-JEE (considered the toughest engineering entrance exam in the world)
and was among top 2% of the candidates who appeared for the exam. This helped me get admission in the undergraduate program at Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.  During this program,
I studied calculus courses and developed an interest in programming, working on
various projects that included development of an algorithm
to optimize structures using quadrilateral elements, of fuzzy logic based
software to monitor construction progress on a site, of image filters and of an
animated film showing vibrations of various structures. These projects involved
mathematical analysis, numerical solutions to differential equations, animation
and data handling using computer programs.

Post B. Tech I
joined PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) as an ERP consultant. As a part of my job
I am responsible for understanding the business process of the client,
configuring the system to track and record the business data (all kinds of data
that relates to inventory, sales, purchase, financial, and production),
developing custom programs to generate reports using the data, resolving errors
in the configuration and programs and training the client staff. I have worked
across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, retail, pesticide,
oil, pharmaceutical, air conditioning, coffee etc.  

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The specific
assignments in these projects have given me a good understanding of the
financial accounting, management accounting and business processes in these
industries. I have developed several kinds of configurations for the clients
including development of organizational structure, chart of accounts, account groups,
asset classes, cost center hierarchy, profit center hierarchy, profitability segments
and configurations for costing. With the help of these configurations and
custom programs I have generated various reports: financial statements (Balance
Sheet, Profit and Loss Report, Cash Flow Statement) Asset Valuation Reports, Cost
of Goods Manufactured, Cost of Goods Sold, market segment wise profitability
report, region wise profitability report, budgeting and planning . Also I have taken
part in the analysis of these reports by calculating the various ratios such as
Earnings per Share (EPS), Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E), Price/Earnings to
Growth Ratio (PEG), Net Profit Margin, Return on Assets (ROA) and Return on
Equity (ROE).

With my
engineering background and work experience I am ready for the next step in my
career. In short term I would like to pursue the role of financial adviser in a
consulting firm, who analyzes the corporations, and then formulates strategies
to maximize the returns. In the long term I shall like to take up the role of a
senior decision making authority in such a consulting firm, who manages teams
and takes critical decisions such as which new areas of financial consulting to
target. My current job profile does not provide the opportunity to specialize
in the quantitative and computational part of financial analysis, which is
mandatory to handle such a role. Hence a formal training program in Finance is

Georgia Tech’s
QCF program is best suited for my needs because it emphasizes both the
fundamental concepts and implementation techniques for formulating and testing
financial models. With world class faculty, courses focused on areas such as Empirical
Finance, Optimization of Models and Management of Financial Institutions, the
option of customizing the program according to the career goals and Management
Home Unit with huge historical finance data and career activities QCF program
is ideal for specialization in Finance. I am sure that in your school I shall
get a comprehensive training that shall help me meet my professional goals.


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