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My ideas for research and development of my

For making a mobile
The phone parts will not
cost more than 130 dollars inclusive of shipping and tools. However, upon
looking at the process, it seems too easy and will not make efficient use of
the time required for the EPQ.
For Essays on Quantum
The applications of
quantum theory span from teleportation to quantum computing. Which have a
lot of usefulness and are very interesting. The content on this topic is
greatly relevant to my physics A-Level, however the
For Graphic novel:
Plan a main plotline with
unique characters
Research any characters of
science-based concepts to make sure they’re feasible.
Since I’ve already given my
characters some thought and know what their ‘abilities’ are, I’ve researched
how to scientifically justify their powers.
Stories of OP
References and Research
Samuel Ng 12.10

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Becoming by Dr Bradford Skow
The Physics behind Psychic Ability
can be obtained by understanding and knowing how space will move under time.
If Fortune were able to see only time without the 3 dimensions of space, he
could see forces moving in space-time without the obstruction of present
can be perceived to be true by the means of an observer based reality.
Whereby, Fortune cannot see into the future, but can manipulate the
movements of others to fit his perceived reality (for a short amount of
can be again perceived to be true through the use of probability. In being
able to calculate each outcome over a time period and preparing for the most
probable. This solution to this problem will be used. This could also be
done using a less scientific method of deduction.
I’ve elected to
use the justification of a superior intelligence mixed with a great access
to information, through methods as surveillance and the internet to predict
the trajectory of the future. While this may not be very scientific, it
seems to be the only method of seeing into the future that is most realistic
without being overly ‘overbearing’ in terms of plotline.
Intention: For
Neon’s suit to have a circulating metal compound/alloy that preferably glows
which is controllable. This metal must bind to a compound/living cell.
Circulation and
manipulation of the compound could be explained through the use of
Circulation can
be obtained through the use of magnetic manipulation. If a central
electromagnet/s connected to a computer could create sophisticated magnetic
fields to control the distance of the metals from the centre. However,
further information would be required to cause the constructs to be dense. A
multiferroic alloy could be used to demonstrate such traits, the heating of
the material causes instantaneous permanent magnetism.  
Continue Looking into
The constructs
could be done by using electroactive polymers since they harden when a
voltage is applied.
Transition: Horus
Aim: To justify
Neon’s transition to almost an avian-like monster of a huge, titan size.
Plot relevance:
Neon has been
injected with a super-virus which was intended to extinct the human race
from an ominous omnipresent being, nature. He does this by transforming into
a large avian monster and killing people in mass numbers, this plays on the
legend of Egyptian gods.  
Conservation of
mass, where does his mass come from?
Where does the
energy to become this size come from?

Students prove real-life Star Wars deflector shield is possible
efficiency and cooling:  
Aim is to
justify a way in which a character, Redox could use his metal gauntlets to
absorb massive amounts of heat energy from the environment around him,
further also being able to expel the energy in infrared form.  
Using simple
heat transfer, Redox can cool the surface of his gauntlets, utilising energy
stored from previous absorption. This causes heat to transfer from the
environment around him into his gauntlets, however, this would have to be a
supercooled gauntlet enough to cause a huge temperature difference.  
Heat absorbed
through this method can be stored in a zeolite, insulated compartment. This
heat difference between the surface and the middle of the gauntlet could use
the Seebeck effect, to create voltage to continue cooling the surface of the
gauntlet. Excess electrical energy could be stored in the gauntlet in a gold
electrolyte battery.
This power
could later branch into minimal control of magnetic fields due to the
thermoelectric effect.
Smiley can
teleport quite simply. However, I want his power to evolve into something
greater due to his manipulation of entanglement. I believe it would be
feasible for him to be able to manifest anything. While teleportation is a
known phenomenon, that has a great deal of information and research to prove
could potentially exist; the issue is that I need to justify a way it could
be done at will.
The scientific
American has proposed an idea that life is a simple physical property, that
if a cluster of atoms should come together under an energy source, it will
rearrange its atoms to form life in the way that it converts energy to heat.
In line with this formula, I could use it to justify how Smile is able to
come back to life after, through expedited use of this phenomenon.
Smiley could
convert his quantum state/information into a light beam, much like an
optical fibre and this beam would strike his markers and take in mass from
around it, forming his body again. Furthermore, this power could evolve into
an ability over all mass, being able to deconstruct all matter or create
constructs at will. However, **more research is required to look into the
feasibility of these powers and this further circles back to where the
energy to do such things would come from. **look into dark energy both for
teleportation and Redox
Issues with
Smiley’s powers:
The energy has
to come from somewhere
There has to be
a feasible explanation on how it can be done at will
The most
accessible energy hypothetically, is through the use of nuclear fusion of a
sort. However, the problem has arisen as to how the energy to fuse two
particles could be attained

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