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Healthcare Delivery Systems
Safeguarding the health information of a patient is very important since the health search calls for the gathering, storage, and application of individually identifiable health data, much of which might be sensitive and potentially humiliating. The main justification for safeguarding personal health privacy is to protect the patients’ interest. Moreover, protecting the patient’s health data is essential since it preserves the rights of the individuals. In addition, it is significant to keep the health information of a patient in confidentiality and protect it so as to offer effective management of whatever sickness the patient is ailing from. Keeping health information of a patient quite confidential and protected is very vital since it boosts the reputation of the organization. Therefore, it is vital to protect a patient’s health information.
There are some consequences that might occur to both the organization and the patient if the health information is breached. In case the health date is breached, the patient might sue the organization and if found guilty, it would be compelled to compensate the patient. Health information breach leads to bad publicity of the organization’s image and the client is as well affected since he or she may suffer embarrassment and humiliation. The breach of the data will as well damage the reputation of the organization. The patients may suffer from more health damage given that they may suffer humiliation. They may experience psychological trauma because of the breach of their private data. Therefore, the breach of a patient’s health data has consequences both to the patient and the organization.

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