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Name:               Zain-ul-Islam

Roll No:            R1f15bscs0023

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Class:                BSCS-5

Institute:          UCP campus

Submitted to:  Prof. Noor Saeed


                Terrorism, Terrorism types, how
these types are happening in Pakistan as terrorism


              Targeting innocent civilians
during a war or during peace time with the ultimate goal of creating
psychological fear on civilians. It is a threat over the innocent people in
order to obtain their aims. These aims can be different like economic purpose,
political aims. Terrorism means use of indiscriminate violence to create terror,
to fear, to achieve a political, religious aim. Terrorism is frightening people
to make them what they want.


              The word terrorism derives from
the word “Terror” which means “extreme fear”. The person who creates an
environment of extreme fear among crowd are called terrorists. Such type of activities is called terrorism. The aim of a terrorist is to spread terror among
people. They kill those persons or officials who oppose their evil deeds. Thus
they create an atmosphere of terror to suit their designs. If we talk about the states then terrorism has been started
by the many states. I will discuss about the main states tho0se are involved in
beginning of the terrorism in history.


             History of
terrorism means when terrorism started and what facts involved in beginning of
terrorism. Currently our main topic is terrorism happening in Pakistan so we discuss about the
beginning of terrorism in Pakistan. Pakistan is being effected by the terrorism
but actually that terrorism was started by other states. We can say there is a
little of Pakistan itself but not for getting harmed to them.

Beginning of terrorism in Pakistan:

            The soviet
Afghanistan war was the most critical event responsible for spreading terrorism
in Pakistan. A change that altered the very character of Pakistani society
occurred after establishment of the soviet regime in Afghanistan. The soviet
withdrawal exposed the damage, transformation of violence in Pakistan. They
also weaponization in to Pakistani society.

              After the 9/11 attacks the
religious extremism took a new shape in Pakistan. Suicide bombing in Pakistan
has become a norm of day .The terrorist have to use suicide bombers in Pakistan
in order to spread terrorism to obtain their aims.

              Religion concept was used by the
regime of Zia-Ul-Haq. Islamization
and education is used as a state policy in the regime of Zia Ul Haq.

were being used as training centers for jihadist.
Thousands of these people were trained and sent to Afghanistan for jihad. After
the drop of Russia, a large number of the jihadist who returned to Pakistan got
involved in terrorist events.

absence of good government system and absence of organization and statistics
distribution among different organizations of government is also a reason
behind the increasing terrorist events. Not to talk of providing security to
public, our law enforcing agencies (LEAs) have completely unsuccessful to
defend high officials of the country like Prime Minister and President. In the
absence of law and suitable hearing of terrorists are establishing their
origins confidently. Failure of the law enforcing agencies (LAEs) to bring the
terrorist to strike at a target of their choice at will. Hospitals, markets,
schools and places of worship (masjid, church, etc.) have become their
preferred targets of the terrorist. In these attacks thousands of hundreds of
innocent people are killed. These attacks effects our economy, culture, society
and it mostly effects on our young generation.  

of Terrorism:

Internal Causes

a) Socio-Economic


the people of state do not get justice then they became terrorist. 

ii) Illiteracy:

 When the people of state are not educated and
get motivation by terrorism to get better outcomes and they prefer to obtain

iii) Poverty and

 When the people of state are unemployment they
used shortcut method.

iv)Food Insecurity:

When people have lack
of food and they join or start criminal terrorism in order to get food


b) Political Causes:

i) Non-Democratic
Set-Up: When a group do not support democracy and they have hold on state then
such terrorism activities happens.

ii) Improper Government

Failure of Government
institutions to establish a proper government in country and  people of state do strikes or other
activities that define terrorism .

iii) Absence of Law And
Failure of Law Enforcement Agencies:

When laws and rules of
state are not fully applied than a number of peoples comes and make terror in
the state.

Religious Causes:


Role of Madrasahs: The education of
Madrasahs contain Islamic education, they also promote the concept of jihad
,but education about jihad is not given according to the roles of Islam and
consider terrorism as jihad.

ii) Religious


External Causes

a) Afghan War: 1979:

            In Afghanistan, USSR attacked to
access over the warm water and promote their idea of communism .In order to
defeat USSR , USA made an organization called Mujahedeen with the help of
Pakistan ISI . After that, these mujahedeen started terrorism and being called
Taliban. So we can say Afghan war is the production of Taliban and responsible
for terrorism in Pakistan.


c) War On Terrorism

On September 9, 2001
the group of Al-Qaida did attacks on World Trade Center (USA), due to this a
confliction was started between Pakistan and USA. USA said that Pakistan
supported Al-Qaida for these attacks. The current situation in the Afghanistan
is reason of this attack because USA is fighting against Taliban in that
region. Taliban are against Pakistan now because Pakistan is fighting against
terrorism by these groups. So incident of 9/11 is a reason for starting of
terrorism in Pakistan.

Taken By Pakistan:

Ban on Terrorist Organization:

        Terrorism organizations in Pakistan were doing
activities in Pakstan are banned now by Pakistani government


on August 14, 2001

Sepah-e-Muhammad Pakistan:

on August 14, 2001


on January 14, 2002


on March 17, 2003

Balochistan Liberation Aymy (BLA):

on April 7, 2006

are some others organization that were banned because they were spreading
terrorism only on the name of religion means on the base of Islam.

            Operation Zarb-e-Azb:

Zarb-e-Azb was a military operation conducted by the government of Pakistan
against various terrorist groups including Taliban,
that operation by military was started June
15, 2014. That operation is still underway.

success of that operation is that most of the areas controlled by Pakistan is
cleared now from the militants groups. That operations has been a successful
operation against terrorism and it is a 
great victory of Pakistan against terrorism.



              Basically I want to say in paper
that Pakistan has been a great victim of terrorism, yes inside Pakistan there
are many militant organizations but they are also destroying Pakistan peace.
Pakistan created the group of Mujahedeen
but they became terrorist and now they are against Pakistan and being used by
some other states to spread terrorism in Pakistan. So Pakistan itself started
production of terrorists and started terrorism with USA from Afghan War but now both (Pakistan, USA)
are facing the bad result of terrorism.

























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