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Hi I am Md.Kawsar
Hossain. I am a student. I live in Dhaka city, which is capital of Bangladesh.
I have been completed diploma in engineering with major in computer science at
Lakshmipur polytechnic institute. After completed my diploma I have decided to
go to study aboard especially in Europe for my higher studies.

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Searching by

For that reason I have
started searching for the best course all over the world through internet. After
several days a long searching and I found that Finland would be the best choice
for me. I compared with other countries such as Australia, Canada, USA but I
found Finland would be the best choice and the Centria University of Applied
Science is the perfect university for me.


Because it’s a higher
educational institution of Finland. It’s a well-known university in the world
and it’s educational system is really very good from others university in the
globe. Moreover, I ensure that, this university’s teachers are so friendly and
supportive. The environment of centria university of Applied Science is so
good, all of the study process and the way of education is helpful to finding a

The centria University
of Applied Science offer the bachelor of information technology program, which
has a lot of significant demand in our country and all over the world. I’m so
fascinate to study that particular program, because my pervious study was
related to that content of the program. After successfully completing that
program, there are a huge opportunity for me in my country. This certificate
can helps me to get those types of jobs which are directly related of IT. 


My goal is become a
professional software and web developer. So this specific program only can
fulfill my professional goal because their main specializations are software
engineering, web development and communication technologies for IT program. After
study there I can learn how can develop android software, games and website. The
study can leading me for the future steps of works and my success.


This subject has huge
demand in my country and around the world through outsourcing. If I would be
able to successfully completing my course on this programme I can improve my
professional skill and I can able to fulfil my professional dream. This
particular programme would be beneficial to me in the long run to established a
bright career.


I hope you will
consider me as a good candidate for your university and I will be great full if
you give me chance to work with your experienced teachers. 

Thank you.

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