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Natural disaster is a major adverse event that can harm people, It could happen in Modesto or any part of the world and there’s various disasters for example: Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and other geologic processes in the earth. Natural disasters have always posed a threat to development. Developing countries are usually far less well placed than industrialised ones to deal effectively with hazards that occur out of the blue. The first priority if any of the Natural disasters were to occur must be to reduce men, women, and young people and protect them . If we look back and do researches about how many suffered from any type of disaster a lot of people have died and no one planned on how to survive this tremendous disasters in the Earth. THe government also deals with this situation. For all these the government work and try very hard to cope up with this situation. In some countries already disaster management cell are functional and in some countries we can see the law and order and they immediately to such dilemma. We also have such examples that there are recovery plans for disasters but the issues are the these plans are outdated. The trained people are less in number. It takes too much to implement. It’s not an easy task mostly we see that short terms plans are prepared and acted on. We also see generously people participate for disasters and try really hard to help the people that were effective on it. To prepare ourselves for a disaster the important message is to react safely and also tried to stay in contact with your family and don’t separate yourself from them.Earthquakes can damage buildings and a lot of people have gotten harmed, and others find a way to survive. Always have a kit prepared of food that includes water, food, and shelter. And also just also focus on the priorities first and add other items to your kit. Keep all supplies in a easy way to carry the kit. It’s also wise to have a set of basic emergency supplies in your car and work. Have at least 1-2 gallons of water per person in your family, per day. A 3-day supply for evacuation, a two-week supply at home. The food it’s really important, Have easy food to prepare, non-perishable items and a mechanical can opener. Canned soup, meat, vegetables, and fruit. A 3-day supply for evacuation. Also don’t forget waterproof matches or lighters. Flashlight, extra batteries, and extra bulbs and radio to stay in touch with people and everyone’s situation will be the same when its about this situations of an earthquake or any natural disaster. Set other places that have had an earthquake as an example.

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