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Natural disasters have affected people and the environment throughout the decades. Storms form and make their way on land and threatening all people that live in and around it. Some storms have done little to no damage, where others have devastated entire towns. Natural disasters are any  catastrophic event that is caused by the the air, wind, clouds, and other substances that appear to be in our atmosphere. The outcome of these events leaves many people feeling melancholy and upset. There are a variety of different storms ranging from small storms like rainfall to hurricanes and tornadoes. Some storms are Rain storms, thunderstorms, lightning storms, blizzards, volcanoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and tornadoes. Although, the storm itself isn’t what causes the devastating outcome, its the effects of the storm.Storms affect the environment in a variety of different ways. They affect people, the living needs and necessities of people, animals, and the environment. Storms affect people by huge losses of property, loss of transportation, vegetation sinks and families get torn apart. They lose their home and their precious belongings inside of it. Homes can get washed away from hurricanes, floods, tsunamis or even burned by wildfires. Treasured family items that have been passed down for centuries are gone, electricity is gone and food and water are infected, Nobody is able receive any news about the storm because radios and TV’s get wet or shocked and are no longer usable along with houses in bundles and chunks of wood chips while the furniture is ripped and split open into bits and pieces. People have to go through this very often around the world. “Around 10,000 Bock 02people die each year from a handful of different storms.”          ( Transportation is limited because cars get washed away and the roads are usually blocked off and unusable. Walking is difficult because the streets are covered in piles of garbage, destroyed homes are crumbled into pieces along with their property spread along the streets and sidewalks like peanut butter, trees that have fallen often block of every inch of the roads and the water can get so high, you will get swarmed and engulfed by the black and oily mess. This affects people’s lives because they can’t go purchase food or any necessities that are required for them like warm clothes, generators, batteries, flashlights, and others. Water is limited because it can get polluted that one sip can sicken you. Many develop pneumonia with a lack of electricity for days, weeks and even months. Studies have shown that after storms, the crime rate is higher because people are desperate to survive”( Vegetation is another important things that is affected during any storm. Crops are washed away by water, burned in fires, drenched in snow and even blown away in tornados. This causes a big decrease in food and vegetation. People start to starve and are willing to do anything to stay alive. Water is adhesively full of pollution and when people drink it, various diseases start to come such as dyestery, which is a combination of severe abdominal cramps and nausea and arsenicosis, which is a poisonous substance released as wastewater. This can progress in skin pain and cancer. Polio affects the nervous system and cholera threatens small intenstants in you body. Typhoid fever is one of the most common diseases. It causes infection in the liver and the lungs when consuming contaminated water. There is almost no food around during a storm. Some people only live off of the polluted water. This is terrible because not only could they die from dehydration and starvation, Bock 03they will die from the effects and diseases that the food and water have to offer. ( to think that there is a whole other species that suffers as well. The other struggling for survival are animals. They lose their habitats, loss of food and sometimes separated from their families or packs. Their habitats disappear in artrosis ways. If they live in trees or bushes, they get torn down by heavy winds or severe water floods that can engulf the trees, along with the insects and animals that live in and around it. Wind velocities knock down as much as 80% of trees. Wind strips berries, nuts and fruits off the trees that some animals depend on to live. Not all animals have the same problems to face during a natural disaster. Wind dislocation affects birds by blowing them off course miles away from their homes. Some birds although have adapted to hold on and ride things out. Song birds and woodland birds can grip onto their perch, woodpeckers go into the holes they deconstructed in the trees if the trees are still there and shore birds move to inland areas.

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