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Nike and their ads are one of the most notable advertisers in sports. Nike is a
major organization in wearing sporting goods and has put a ton of time in building
up their name and company as one that is reliable and of unrivaled quality.
Nike is clever in the way they direct their promoting and their planning. They
utilize a wide range of techniques to get their organization name and the items
that they offer out there. Although Nike spends a great deal of time and cash
on promoting it doesn’t hurt their case because they have set themselves up in
almost every sport. Even in markets where the sport isn’t the top sports like
soccer which is the fourth or fifth sport in America. To help boost their
validity and dependability Nike utilizes a considerable measure of ethos while
also using logos and pathos.

The Magista Nike Cleats Ad is
indented to try and sell you the Magista soccer cleats. Nike intends to try and
sell these cleats to people who want to have unmeasurable speed on the soccer
field and people who play soccer. Individuals with problems with other soccer
cleats might also be a target audience for this advertisement. I am part of
this demographic by having purchased a pair of this cleats up myself. Also,
people who might want to be like Cristiano Ronaldo may be tempted to buying
these cleats. This is shown specifically in the ad by saying unmeasurable speed
next to the cleat and having Cristiano Ronaldo one of the fastest players in
soccer to endorse the cleats.  

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This ad uses some visual features
to catch the customers attention. In the ad there is a black background which contrasts
with the bright reddish/ yellow colorway of the cleat. This makes the cleat
standout and seem special. This catches the readers eyes because they may want
to wear something flashy on the field so that they can get recognized. The
white colors of the text blend nicely with light green on which gives the ad a
sense of speed. This is because you associate speed with bright neon colors.
Also, the fading image of Cristiano Ronaldo reminds the reader of what they
could become if they decide to buy the product. 

Nike utilizes a great deal of
significant athletes in their advertising. With huge name stars, for example,
Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Cristiano Ronaldo, and more; Nike’s ethos is developed
a lot. Not only do they have huge name competitors that are notable by individuals
who adore their sport and by individuals who don’t focus on sports, yet they
have huge name athletes from basically all sports. Nike builds up their
effectively strong ethos by including huge name stars that people regard. For
example, in this ad individuals may look Cristiano Ronaldo at and see that the
best player in the Soccer wears Nike cleats and people want to wear the same
stuff. The ad also demonstrates ethos by using a credible athlete like Ronaldo
in their ad. They want consumers to feel like if Ronaldo wears Magistas they
need to wear them too, so they can be as good as him one day. A similar thing
goes for Lebron James and Roger Federer or some other athlete Nike has on their
rundown. These are professional players that wear these shoes, clothes, or
whatever during games; and not only do they wear them, they excel at their
sport too. The thought of, “They do it so why can’t I?” emerges in
the brains of customers.

 Logos is shown in this ad by implying that
wearing Magistas will make you fast like Cristiano Ronaldo. This is pretty much
a fact worldwide especially for soccer fans that know Ronaldo is well known for
his speed and acceleration, so Nike wants to make their potential customers
feel like they need to buy these cleats, so they can have unmeasurable speed
like Ronaldo. Another example of logos in this ad is that data shows that Nike
is one of the best in produced soccer cleats. The team Ronaldo plays for Real
Madrid F.C. which is shown under the Nike symbol is the most successful club
team in Europe thus making people see the reasons on why they should purchase
this shoe. Ronaldo himself is a five-time best player of the year award winner
which is another reason why people might want to buy the cleats.

Pathos is about delivering
emotions and this ad creates excitement and confident feelings because the
readers feel that can be like Ronaldo if they have the cleats that he wears. Also,
in some people’s minds they feel that buying these cleats will help them
achieve something greater. For example, becoming a professional soccer player
like Cristiano Ronaldo. The ad is set in a kind of dreamy setting of black
and light colors of text thus creating an existing emotion of speed that the
cleats can provide. Also, the envy of famous athletes comes the thought of
“cool” and how if I wear this or have this I will be viewed as
“cool.” And whether we need to let it out or not we all want to be
“cool” or very much regarded. The cleats give an answer for this
issue. This makes the customer gain an emotion that they must buy the cleats
otherwise they will be a slow player.

The Magista ad is effective in using ethos,
logos, and pathos to try and target people to buy the Magistas. It mostly used
ethos with the credibility of Cristiano Ronaldo and pathos to appeal to the
emotions of wanting to become a faster player. Also, the facts and statics
behind Ronaldo’s career help promote the Magistas even more.  It must have done a good job for me because I
have purchased these cleats before. Thus, the Nike ad does excellent work to
persuade you to give the Magistas a try if you want to become faster and a
better soccer player like Cristiano Ronaldo. 

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