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No Documentation of Business Processes:

                 The problem deducted with the Horner flooring company was that the process flow majorly depended on people that is it followed people driven process. For example, if one employee is unavailable then the whole business process flow would be hampered. Also most of the employees at Horner have been working with the company for more than 20 years on an average.  Few years down the line, current Horner employees would retire and Horner would need to hire new employees. Whenever an employee leaves the process knowledge would be gone along with the employee as it is not been recorded anywhere.  And new employees would had no reference to learn about the current processes of the company and this would disturb the day to day processes of the company to run smoothly.

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Recommendations for the above problem:

To overcome the above problem the solution we recommend the following solution

·         Developing Business Process Documents

Business Process Documents:

Business process document is a detailed document describing processes within an organization as per business needs.

 Main objectives of creating business process documents are as follows

Ø  Eliminate flaws

Ø  Improve efficiency

Ø  Improve overall quality

Ø  Increase customer and employee satisfaction


Process documentation would allow the employees to know what they are doing and get an insight to company’s inner workings. And in case if any employee leaves, the company flow will be undisturbed as the business processes will be captured into the business process documents. This will give be useful for new employees joining the company to understand the company’s current processes in order to work efficiently.

Thus, maintaining business process documents will transform Horner’s current situation from people driven process to process driven. 


Lack of Centralized System for Information (major problem detected):

This problem was deducted with the Horner’s portable floors namely ProKing portable floors. They had an archaic system of tracking information regarding these type of floors. The stored information was contained in silos. All information regarding the portable floors were recorded in form of physical documents (mostly on paper) which were kept in folders.  Employees would spend lot of time tracking down the portable floor’s information. The mentioned condition indicated that Horner lacked an electronic documentation for tracking information related to portable floors.


Recommendations for Lack of Centralized System:

To overcome this lack of centralized system to track information about Horner’s portable floors, technical solution would be the best possible solution. We can recommend to have a centralized storage location such as Database for storing data.

·         Database is a collection of related data stored in a centralized space.


 We realized that the employees would spend time more efficiently, also the data would be easier to find and change.

Following are the

To be specific server based database

As Horner does not have any dedicated IT department, it would be best to outsource technology. A third party firm which can develop database management system for Horner.

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