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Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most common type of hearing loss and, fortunately, also the most preventable. Exposure to loud noise can interfere with your sleep, cause heart problems and permanently damage your hearing.It is important to monitor the sound levels and avoid dangerous environments whenever possible.Smartphones and apps have enormous potential to help those with hearing loss. We’ve compiled a list of Android and Apple apps dedicated to your hearing health. These apps can give you a good approximate value of the noise levels in your environment and help preserve your hearing.Sound Meter Availability: AndroidCost: FreeOverview: This app uses the microphone in your Android device to measure the sound levels. Pro version is available, for a fee.SPLnFFT Noise MeterAvailability: iOSCost: $3.99Overview: The only iOS sound meter recommended by the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America, this app has an exposure scale that ranks the level of noise from “quiet” to “intolerable.”NoiSeeAvailability: iOSCost: $0.99Overview: Choose between two modes (Sound Level Meter or Noise at Work) and view sounds three ways: the spectrum view displays a bar graph of sound levels, the history view displays a 1-minute time log of measured sound, and the parameter view displays a view of all available statistics.EarMachineAvailability: iOS and AndroidCost: FreeOverview: EarMachine uses the speaker on your phone as an amplifier to fine tune the sounds around you, and then forwards them directly into your headphones.PlayItDownAvailability: iOSCost: FreeOverview: PlayItDown features several useful and fun options. The Decibel Meter checks the volume of the music you’re listening to, and The Ear Knob allows you and your friends to see who can hear the highest frequencies.Decibel Meter ProAvailability: iOSCost: $0.99Overview: Designed with a combination of digital and analog displays and a handy decibel reference chart, the application allows you to check the sound levels and noise isolation in the area around you.WideNoise PlusAvailability: AndroidCost: FreeOverview: WideNoise allows you to test sound variety and decibel levels in the environment around you. Users can also upload their sound tests and compare them to other WideNoise users in the area.When used in conjunction with annual hearing evaluations from a hearing health professional, smartphone sound measurement apps can be useful tools in monitoring your environment and preventing hearing loss from unhealthy noise levels.If you are interested in learning how you or a loved one can benefit from healthy hearing, contact Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions today at 888-473-8702!

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