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Nowadays, a high number of researchs have been conducted that focusing on the real-time systems. The real-time systems require a specific design deliberation due to the time constraints assigned to the task. The real-time systems are mainly immersed in our everyday life due to the quick progress of the embedded systems and mobiles and because of that; they do not only exist in the industry domains 2. To ensure that the behavior of the real-time system is correct, the execution of the tasks in hard real-time systems must be completed by their deadlines 1. The hierarchal off-line analysis framework used to guarantee the timing correctness of hard real-time systems 3. Furthermore, it is essential to the programmer and designer to know the time of execution of every task to indicate whether specific routines can achieve the requirement of the real-time application or not. Some hardware resources such as cache memory subsystem are not allowed for program execution time as they may lead to unpredictable variations in it. In most cases, the designer of the hard-real-time systems is forced to take the designing approach to worst-case specifications which is resulting in reducing the use of the processor. Subsequently, the hard-real-time systems are constraints to those circumstances where the worst-case performance is acceptable 3.
Caches are tiny and very fast memories that contain the modern referenced memory blocks 3. The caches effects on these blocks can be accessed by the CPU sooner based on the spatial and temporal locality of programmes. The average of execution time can be enhanced dramatically due to the utilization of caches. However; the execution assessment of a real-time system frequently relies upon its most worst-case execution time (WCET) and worst-case CPU use (WCU). Because of the dynamic behavior of the caches, the estimation of a system’s WCET and WCU will become more complex and imprecise. Timing analysis ought to be performed in both application project and real-time operating systems in order to get a convenient worst-case execution time for real systems. In other words, the interaction should be considered for these two parts 4. Many research has been conducted regarding the analysis of WCET to analyze the application programs using the analysis tools design. However; the majority of projects announced difficulties in analyzing real-time operating systems because many issues that may cause an extensive overestimation are uncovered 4. The cause of these problems is that small amount of information on the programs is taken by the analysis of RTOS. Furthermore, the conventional WCET analysis assumes not-interruptable projects. The assumption in a real-time system is invalidated because the existence of the real-time operating system introduces task preemption 4.
Based on the information above, it can be notice that the WCET which is designed for analyzing the application program does not handle the RTOS. In this paper, we will provide a survey of similar research topics on timing analysis of real-time systems based on the static methods. After that, the problems encountered are considered, and conceivable new difficulties are given as well as some of the challenges have also been identified in worst-case execution time analysis of applications 4.

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Nowadays , drug can make us healthy but in the correct measure . If we take drug too much , it can be drug abuse or overdose . Some people use drug to make them healthy and some people use drug as to release their tension by overdose . When we overdose , we does not think what we are doing and cannot remember it because our brain is slower than normal because of these drug abuse . Normally this is happened to the teenagers because of many factors .In Malaysia the Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (AADK) has enforce the law.They will punish those who abuse the drug , who buying the drug ,who selling the drug illegal . In this essay I am going to explain the causes , the effects and the treatment of drug abuse

Firstly , the causes of drug abuse of teenagers is parent does not care about their son or daughters . According to Tracy . J , 2016 , teenagers use drug because of parents does not pay attention to their son or daughter or parental abuse. As a teenagers , we need attention from the parents because they the important one or not the teenagers will find the place to release their tension either the place good or not for example their friends. If their friend is good , then the teenagers will good too. If their friend has bad attitude , then the teenager will has a bad attitude also . When the teenage grow up without families attention, they will not respect their parent one day next. Parental control just not leads to drug abuse but it leads to all type of crime for example stealing,robbing snatching , rape , bully and etc. The parental control is most important to their children from doing bad things

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Secondly , drug abuse can effect on our lifestyle . According to Tracy . J .,2016 , we going to choose drug more than our family or other relationship and we going to loss them. When them see the drug abuser , they will think that they are not thinking in normal way. Other side effect of drug abuse is the drug abuser will decreasing their performance at their workplace of their school because of their discipline action for example they will sleep at the workplace or they not listening to their authorities and maybe they will fighting with their authorities . Those people can losing their jobs because of lacking of discipline . Drug also can lead us a illness to our body . For example , they wil lacking of sleeping and their memory will be decrease.Other than that deasease is skin can be cold and sweating or hot and dry,chest or lung pain and many more. Drug is dangerous if we taking more of it dose . We should not abuse drug because it has many bad effects .So, do not use the drug and become the drug abuser

Lastly , this action has a treatment but not easy for them that the drug addiction . First thing is they must to stop using drugs ,then stay drug free and then be productive in family , at the workplace and be nice with the society . They can do the medication treatment . For example , the drug abuser must start to visit the doctor or refer someone to the hospital for a counseling service or rehabilitation programs. Treatment for rehabilitation programs may proceed through medical facilities like a hospital . This treatment need peer support to help the drug abuser to quit using drug. Families is important for everything. Nowadays , this action can be stop immediately because we have many facilities.

In the nutshell, drug has good content and bad content. Good content is it can make us healthy and bad content is drug can lead us be the drug abuser and drug addiction. Family or other relationship please take action if we have a friend who drug abuser.We should know that if our friend or one of our family abuse the drugs and also know the symptom or effect of thease action. Drug is killing our people. We should stop this ills before it too late.

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