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Nowadays, people have certain ways to connect with family members, friends, classmates, co-workers and those they have just met in social networking sites such as facebook, one of the familiar sites that accostomed with 800 million active users. More than half of the active users log into their accounts everyday. Through the past few years the usage of facebook has expanded further personal application and into the aspect of the companies to develop output and services, to check and restrict the use of the sites for bother that some person can’t do other task if they have addicted to this sites, it has been a number one concern problem for multiple universities and schools.Facebook is a great tool to interconnect and maintain the association with friends. A person who facebook to much need to limit their time and energy that they spend on checking their newsfeed and be updated in every aspect of their facebook page. Like little research have be finished to explain the sensation on facebook addiction.Being addicted in social media such as facebook of course lead to neglect of personal life, escapism at mental preoccupation. Since they are preoccupied with social media, this can be affect in their mental health, they are more prone to depression and their self-esteem becomes low self-esteem because they tend to compare their lives with others. Depression and low self-esteem may affects their academic performance. It has a tendency of the child to be distracted in focusing to their lesson. When they say that the child is addicted in using facebook they have a big risk to have a weak immune system or their eye sight can be damage.Facebook is one of the trendiest social networking websites on the planet. Created by Harvard genius Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, it started out as a campus thing but progressively became a worldwide source of communication and entertainment. Up to 2012 it has under gone a lot of transformations and is now offering more features than it ever did before. Now we can create our own pages and promote brands, products, movies, television shows and celebrities. Different websites have their own Facebook icon ‘f’ which can be used to share pictures, tweets, articles and other stuff directly on our Facebook walls. Facebook is what one calls the hub of social networking.No doubt Facebook is a stroke of genius but excess of everything is bad. Not long after its creation, people began to exploit it by creating fake accounts, starting propagandas against different cultures, creating offensive groups to mock other religions and by posting odious pictures and videos.

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