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social media play an important role in the business market. Social media is a
platform where people will be able to connect and share information with each
other. The factors that influencing
the usage of social media as a marketing medium in the food and beverage
industry such as brand awareness of social media, information platform of
social media and feedback of social media. There are a lot of researchers
and theories have been connected and directed to understand the ways of the
young adult explore food and the success key of the business.

The first theory that use in this
research is reasoned action theory. This theory is a model for forecasting
individuals’ behaviour, which expresses that the best indicator of individuals’
conduct in any given circumstance is their aim to perform the behaviour. The
best indicator of whether individuals will really accomplish something is
whether they intend to do it. The expectation to play out the conduct is
affected by a person’s own attitude toward the behaviour and the states of mind
of individuals who are significant to the individual and the related perceived social
pressures (Psychology and Theories, 2017). For example, people
might believe that the restaurant with good feedback because the restaurant
provide nice food to the consumer; however, they still might not try the new
restaurant. Therefore, more variables must be influencing the behaviour than
just attitudes (I Ajzen, 2007).

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The second theory that use in this
research is impulse buying theory. The emotional or impulsive decision-making
theory and impulsive buying Impulsive buying is grounded and theoretically
underpinned within the emotional or impulsive decision-making view to consumer
decision making by Schiffman and Kanuk (2007). This view postulates that consumer
is probably going to relate a few profoundly including emotions or feelings,
for example, happiness, love, fear, trust, sexuality, dream and even some
little enchantment with specific buys or belonging (Mrs.V.Bhuvaneswari,
Rather than carefully searching, deliberating and evaluating alternatives
before buying, consumers are just as likely to make many of these purchases on
impulse, on a whim, because they are emotionally driven (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2007). For instance, the people
saw their favourite food or popular brand name food and beverages on the social
media website, they would immediately go for it without any consideration such
as Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

The third theory that I use in this
research is social power theory. Social power is the potential for social
impact. The accessible tools one needs to apply impact over another can lead to
a change in that individual. Social power and social impact are isolated and distinct
Although social power is potential, social impact is an impact, an actual
change in the beliefs, states of mind, conduct and feelings of somebody is due
to the activities or nearness of another. The individual or gathering that is
the source of impact is regularly known as the influencing agent, though the
question of the attempted or effective impact attempt is generally known as the
target. There are main social factors which are friends and family that playing
the crucial role in affecting the consumer’s buying decision (Psychology
and Influence , 2017). For example, the friends and family
could persuade and convince the consumer to explore a new restaurant that is
popular in social media channel.









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