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On any given stressful day I will be sitting in my car with my back to my seat, eyes out the front window, gazing at the different people walking by at my favorite park. Nothing particular sticks out to me most of the time, I just observe the different people from all the spectrums of life, making speculations about the people, and losing track of time. There are so many different people in this world that are all so different from one another. Getting to observe people is the most thought-provoking element to experience not just at a park but anywhere. So captivating yet so simple. There is so much to learn from just moments of watching someone.I get to watch how they face the world in the small amount of time before moving onto the next person. It makes me realize the changes that I need in life, and how they are so simply to change, compared to other problems. It perceives how thankful I am for everyone and everything that has come into my life. Everyone in this small world has a role, any role. The role can be very different from other roles or so much alike each other it’s what makes the person stand out from someone else and make a difference to this world.Everyone that I see I put thought into; Who are they? Why are they here? Are they doing the same thing as me? Where are they going? They all have their own stories, lives, dreams, and problems. As I see them I realize that I only have one thing in common with them that I know of, I share this period of time with them. Out of all the people in this world, I see them today and will possibly never see them again. Watching them makes me feel as if im fading into the crowd. My favorite novelist, Charles Bukowski elucidates it as, “People are the best show in the world. And you don’t even pay for the ticket”. There is a lot to observe just by watching. Sharing a space with people for a small amount of time opens up thoughts and regains the peacefulness. Watching the time pass just as much as the people that pass me, I start to spin many theories about them. Even though I know nothing, except there facial expression they have in this certain time.I become aware that what a person wears and acts for a small amount of time has a lot to do with how other people convey them. The theory I made for them was only on how they walk what there facial expression may be or by what they’re wearing. I don’t even know anything about them, and I don’t need to. But I still make up stories about them judging them. My mother always tells me, “who am I to judge when I walk imperfectly”. But watching the people and coming up with there own life stories gives me a peace of mind and a sense of imagination. You realize that everyone on this world is imperfect in some way and it’s what makes this world so beautiful and worth living. I share this idea with my friends to relieve all the stress we have together. Even though sometimes nobody shows up to the park, they are out living there life to the fullest showing how alluring and simple the world we live in today is.

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