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On a cold morning, mya had a huge plan ahead of her she started her cold car and started driving toward the airport. Mya’s excitement was over the roof! Mya finally got to the airport 15 minutes later. She walked in and got 4 airport tickets. The tickets slowly came out of the machine. ” Honolulu hawaii” mya drove back home and hid the 4 tickets. Mya said to herself ” what if lia is not exited… what if my parents dont wanna go anymore, what if…..” she sighed. ( the next morning) Mya woke up super early so she could make the surprise memorable. While mya was making breakfast lia walked in. ” morning sis, whatcha makin?” said lia, ” oh, i’m just making some eggs and bacon, why?” said mya. ” because you never make breakfast” said lia with a smile. Mya handed lia the small plate to lia and slipped the ticket under the plate. “Here” said mya. “Thanks… sis” said lia. While lia was eating she saw this small piece of paper and she took it out underneath her plate. “What is this? Said lia…. “Wait what? Where is this to?” … ” uh honolulu” said mya. ” OH MY GOSH!!! REALLY”  said lia “YES, how did you know that i wanted to go” said lia. “Um because mom and dad told me you were talking about going to hawaii” Well thank you! Are they coming too?”  “yea” said mya. “Oh okay….” Lia walked out. “Come on lia don’t be like that” “I TOLD THEM THAT I JUST WANTED IT TO BE YOU AND ME NOT ANYBODY ELSE!” shouted lia. “WELL THEY TOLD ME THEY WANTED TO GO TOO” said mya “You should at least be happy that you are even going to hawaii, not that many people have the chance to go to hawaii, you are being a spoiled brat, i payed for these tickets and i worked so hard for this and you know that” said mya “UGH” lia slammed her door. “I hate you mya” mya’s face turned bright red. Mya stomped upstairs to lias room. And barged into her door “oh so you hate me huh” mya said while holding the tickets up to lias face. “I will rip these right now” said mya “DO IT I DARE YOU” said lia. “You remind me of a 4 year old” mya ripped 1 ticket. “Get out of my room mya. ” i’m not going to leave this room in tell you tell me that you are deeply sorry lia, i wanted to go with you on this trip, i was so excited to give you these and you brought me down, i was having such a good day and you made my morning horrible” said mya “OKAY!! Im sorry mya i just really wanted us to go alone because we are 17 now and we can do things on our own now, i don’t want our parents to always be there wherever we are, i just don’t find it fair” said lia “you’re making no sense now, but i accept your apology” said mya, she walked out of lias door and shut it silently. Mya walked to her parents room to show them the ripped ticket. Mya opened the door. “Mom, dad” we need to talk, i was fighting with lia because she said she wanted to go to hawaii by ourselves just us.” said mya “Well may we all wanted to go as a family i thought?” said maya’s mom “ye maya it will be fun” said her dad. “Okay fine i’ll tell lia” said mya. “LIAA” “WHATTT” said lia “OUR PLANE LEAVES IN 2 HOURS LETS GOOO” said mya. It took the family a total of 15 minutes to eat, pack, get ready and leave. Mya was so stressed out that she asked her mom to drive to the airport. “Mya wake up” said maya’s mom “we are here” they all got out, stretched and ran towards the entrance. They had 2 more hours till their plane took off. They all sat at their seats while the intercom called out the seat numbers ” Seats D25 your plane is taking off” myas family walked onto the plane . Mya sat by her mom. Mya’s sister lia sat by this old dude that slept the whole time. And maya’s dad sat by these kids that were just playing video games for 8 hours. (8 hours later) “we are here” whispered maya’s mom in excitement. The family walked out into the warm summer breeze and felt the warm air all over. Birds tweet, people arrive. “Hey mya and lia come here” said mya’s parents. “Whats up?” said lia. “See look at my phone, this is the house that we are going to be staying at. Remember? We bought this house a while ago when you guys were not even born yet, cool huh?” said the parents. “Uh yea i guess, it look nice?” said mya. (2 hours later) mya and lia get all the bags and put them in the beach house. “This is our room?” lia was confused. “Yea i guess?” said mya. Mya’s parents were making dinner because it was very late outside. Mya described the sky “as dark as a cat’s eye at night”. “So lia, are we going to that bar tomorrow?” said mya “Well we have to be older than 21 mya our parents would literally kill us” said lia “well then let’s just say that we are 21? Everyone there will be drunk anyways if we get there late” said mya ” well okay fine we can go” said lia “but we have to sneak out”. Mya and lia where 16 and 17 years old. Mya was 17 and lia was 16. They went to the same school. “Taft High School” 7-12. Mya and lia were very close sisters and always did everything together and mya loved lia. But lia had a deep secret…. She was meeting this boy at the bar. Luke, luke wasa 18 and luke has known lia since she was very little which means luke knew mya’s parents since she was little. But mya doesn’t know. “Ready lia?” said mya “Yea lets go” said lia. Mya and lia snuck out, their plan was going well. “Do you even know where we are going” asked lia. “Yes just follow me” said mya. Mya and lia krept through the forest while mya was looking at  her phone for directionsAnd lia saw these small blurry lights “uh mya what’s that?” “you’ll find out lia” said mya. Mya looked over her shoulder back at lia and took her hand and said “follow me. Mya went around the back of the whole party so nobody would see them. They needed to pay and to get confirmed of their age to go in. But that was a slight problem. Mya took lia to the back and said “you see that big fense over there, we need to go over that and it will take us to the bathroom, we are gonna have to fix our makeup to make us look older” “how do you know??” said lia. “Oh just trust me” mya let go out lia and gave her a boost over the fence. “Now pull me up lia” lia pulled mya up. They were in the party. “Mya this is not a good idea” said lia “just trust me lia” said mya.”here is the bathroom lets go” mya took lia to the bathroom with her “to go” makeup that she always brings. Mya touched up lia, lia touched up mya. After 30 minutes in the bathroom the girls were ready. Lia gets a text… she looks down at her phone.”is that mom?” asked mya. “No..” said lia “then who would it be at 11pm lia” Its..its nobody” lia shuts her phone off “don’t worry about it mya, god” said lia “okay then let’s go” mya rolls her eyes and heads out (2 hours later, 1am)  “LIA, LIA WHERE ARE YOU LIA THIS ISN’T FUNNY AT ALL!!” shouted mia as loud as she could. Almost ear bleeding. Lia ran into the boys bathroom and hid in the stall. ” Hey lia, this is luke, it says your location is the same as mine, why are you here lol ” typed luke “oh yeah, im in hawaii with my sister, why are you here?meet me in the boys bathroom i’m hiding from her” typed lia “uh okay why would you be in the boys bathroom” said luke “because she’s not going to find me in here, i’ll be waiting in here, take your time because i’m not in a hurry. ” typed lia. A boy walked into the bathroom. Lia peeked underneath the stall “is that him?” she thought as silent as a mouse. “Hey lia, you in here” asked a boy “uh yea is that you luke? ” yes haha come out of there silly” said luke. Lia walked out and gave luke the tightest hug ever ” i missed you so much why are you here?”said lia “well i turned 18 2 weeks ago and i kind of just wanted to go to hawaii for my birthday” said luke “oh than where are your parents” “they didn’t come, i didn’t want them to dont ask” said luke “okay well i need to find mia” said lia “whos that..?” said luke ” um my sister like, you don’t remember when we were little?” said lia. “OOOOH YEAHHHHH” said luke “shhh be quite, let’s go find her. “LIA WERE ARE YOU?!” “mya… mya stop yelling i’m right here!!” shouted lia in surprise “stop yelling” “LIA!? Whos this boy? Where were you. I was looking for you. What were you doing with him” said mya “mya please calm down this is luke we were best friends when we were little” “WHAT LIA I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS LET’S GO RIGHT NOW” “mya legit calm down luke can take me home or something, you can leave” ” lia i don’t have that time right now you need to come home with me, and leave your little “friend” here” said mya in a angry tone” “no mya, let go of me” lia looked back and luke and mouthed “text me. I’m sorry” The sisters got home, tip toeing into the kitchen and into their rooms. Mya fell asleep. Lia flipped her phone on and saw a text from luke “hey, wanna go canoeing tomorrow?” typed luke “yea sure we got canoes you don’t need to like rent them or something. We can go during night when my parents are asleep tomorrow” said lia “okay let’s bring your sister?she seemed mad at me and i just want to have a good time on my birthday you know?” “yea i get that” said lia ( the next morning) lia woke up mya so the could go for a  morning walk. Lia started talking “hey, mya i need to tell you something..” “ya! Whats up” said mya “well there’s this boy named luke. The guy that i was hanging out with at the party yesterday..” said lia “oh yeah that dude, why was he with you and who is he?” “well we were best friends when we were little and he was here for his 18th birthday, and he wanted to go on a canoeing later tonight for his last day..” “Um i’m definitely not going to go with a stranger lia, that’s weird and dangerous ” “well mya thats the thing he’s not a stranger! He knows you too!” shouted lia making mya stop walking “LIA I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOUR BULL CRAP” mya walked away back home and started balling her eyes out. “Mya stop you’re acting like a two year old literally stop” said lia “DON’T TALK TO ME LIA”  mya got home and slammed her bedroom door waking up her parents “honey what’s wrong” said myas mom ” go away” said mya “excuse me?” “fine mom what do you want, it’s not like anybody listens to me anyways”. Lia walks into the house “It was all myas fault she’s acting like a two year old!” “lia stop right now you are just making it worse” said the mom.  (4 hours go by,3pm) lia walks into the bedroom where mya was. “Mya i’m sorry i just wanted…” “just be quite lia, i over exaggerated, just dont worry about me” said mya “do you still want to go canoeing?” asked lia “are you kidding me lia, NO” said mya. “Oh my gosh mya it’s not even a big deal, just go with us.. Please?” ” i’ll think about it okay?” just leave me alone.” lia walked out and shut the bedroom door and went outside, she pulled out her phone.. ” no recent texts” lia takes a nap ( 5 hours later) 8pm ) lia wakes up and texts luke ” hey i got the canoe ready are you ready to go?the ocean by my house seems calm, lets go!” typed lia. “On my way ;)” typed luke. Lia was making some ice water while a arrival of 2 knocks comes to the door “hey lia it’s me luke” lia opens the door “hey luke!” said lia “lets go get the canoe ready cause if we stay in here our parents are going to catch us and that would not be good” said lia  luke gets the canoe in the water and brings lia in with his hand “hey sis i’m coming with you ” said maya “i don’t want you 2 makin out, out here” said mya . leia and luke laugh and lia helps mya up and they take off into the deep blue ocean. Lia plays some calming music ” hey i heard there were some fireworks tonight do you wanna swim and watch?” said mya. “Uh i think i’ll just stay in here and you girls can swim, i’ll take a quick nap or something” said luke ” okay your loss” the girls take off their clothes and get into the dark ocean. ” i’m sorry for yelling at you today lia i was just mad i guess” said mya “oh it’s fine mya don’t worry, thanks for coming here with me and luke” said lia. The fireworks started. Mya spotted something in the water. “Uh lia there is something over there. “It’s probably just a fish” said lia. Mya saw 5 fins coming toward lia. “LIA WE NEED TO GET OUT RIGHT NOW THOSE ARE NOT FISH THOSE ARE SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨ screamed mya.  Mya got into the bout but she didn’t see lia anymore. ¨LIAA?????!!!!!!!¨ LUKE WAKE UP! WAKE UP PLEASE LUKE PLEASE JUST WAKE UP¨ luke wakes up confused. Lia comes up out of the water “HELP ME. I DON’T HAVE LEGS I CAN’T FEEL MY LEFT ARM. mya looked at lia and got her up from the water into the bout. Mya passed out. Lia lost 3 limbs. Her two legs and her left arm. Lia was rushed to the hospital and sadly did not survive the 5 shark attacks. She made it on the news. And mya and luke met her in the hospital. Never go in the ocean. Without a parent.

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