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Once the
Cisco case is read and studied one can tell Cisco is a company that strives on
innovation. This company’s mindset made some resistance appear when the CIO,
Brad Boston, wanted to incorporate business units and concentrate IT functions
in a sanctified way. Boston contributed greatly to helping the company achieve
their goals. He upgraded the Oracle ERP System, standardize the tools being
used to gain consistency, and had a single customer database. However, the
company got into some trouble in 2001 because each group was making independent
decisions with different data, formulating less accurate reports and making

In the
case Pete Solvik, Boston’s predecessor, wanted to distribute IT decisions by
allowing the departments to rule over their respected area. Usually managers
like this way of decision making so they can have more control over their
projects and make sure the needs they have are met. Even though the idea is
well liked it does not mean it does not have any flaws. IT had many solutions
that lacked consistency and did not use the resources efficiently. Boston and
the Business Process Operating Committee, (BPOC), tried to better organize how
the IT projects were executed by priority. 
The BPOC is a decision making group made up of the senior executives who
get together to review the company’s progress, goals, and overall performance. Along
with the organization they also worked to create better communication across
all of the projects. 

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            When studying the
case the consideration of SWOT analysis comes to mind. The strengths of the
company are the innovation, entrepreneurial aspect, and market leaders; on the
other hand the weakness are communication and the reorganized structure. When
looking at opportunities and threats, they have the opportunity for global
expansion but the threat of too many contractors. In regards to the call center
project it appears to be positive in implementing the call center project;
along with the field test in Europe had successful results.  If the BPOC can convince other business
departments of the future value in the call center and provide an incentive for
them, then it may be successful in enhancing interconnection along with still
having the innovative approach to the organization. 

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