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Once we had done with the film footage shooting, we began to select the camera shots thus combining shots into sequences. It took me and my teammates an hour to compare and select the best shots before proceeding to film editing. It can’t be denied that it was an excellent learning experience for me to enhance my editing skills utilizing the video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. Based on my experience, editing was an interesting yet challenging process which I am required to create a motion picture and deal with the sound, music as well as visual effects. Not only I had involved in finding the suitable background music for the corporate video, I had also gone through the process of considering the font styles, font size, font colour as well as spacing before adding subtitles into the film. Once we had finished editing the corporate video, we had gathered together to go through the video for several times to ensure that there is the absence of mistake before we finally exporting the video.

The major problem that we had faced during shooting was inadequate lighting. We had faced difficulties in getting a good and natural lighting as some of the scenes were shot in interior space. To solve the problem of inadequate lighting, we had attempted to use lighting equipment which was applicable during that moment. Reflective materials were also utilised to bounce the light onto actress and into the areas that we wanted to achieve an aesthetic effect. Some of the scenes were shot for multiple times with a manual form camera to attain stunning photographic effect. I was very surprised that four of us managed to wrap up filming at 2pm on the second day.

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Furthermore, noise is also one of the problems that we largely concerned during filming. Our corporate video filming took place in both outdoors (at IICP and Penang International Airport) and indoors (at INTI class room and actress’s room). During the outdoor shooting, we had captured recording with excessive noise from birds chirping, dogs barking as well as pedestrians and cars passing by. Although we had utilised directional microphones to minimize some of the outside noise, but not all of it can be effectively reduced. As we were not able to predict external pass-by noise from time to time, we had repeatedly recorded a particular scene for few times to ensure that there is the presence of low-frequency noise. For the indoor shooting, we had switched off the fan and turned off the air conditioner to prevent noise from ruining the actress’s voice over. Editing was done to finally minimise and reduce ambient noise using Adobe Premiere Pro.

 In addition, we also faced problem in preparing our meeting and shooting schedule. As all of us had a different timetable, we had ensured that the day-and-date we choose for either meeting or shooting will not create a clash with our timetable. The arrangement of time was later reached consensus within group members and actress. Before filming began, we had conducted a brief rehearsal with the selected actress to prepping her to go over scenes beat-by-beat. We appreciated that the actress chosen, Ms. Jess E Lynn was capable of demonstrating exceptional performance during the shooting. Besides, we had made sure that our schedule was within budgetary requirement. To reduce production costs, we had considered starting our shooting interiors and exteriors locally to minimize travel cost.

In this project, I had been given a chance to polish up my communication skills in communicating with my teammates, actress and the public. An excellent verbal and good written communication skills are essential for me to communicate effectively and to achieve success in life. Since few of my teammates were from English medium education, English was the primary language that we used to communicate with each other. As everybody has a right to their own opinion, we were given the opportunity to express our own opinion in order to convince each other to change their minds and agree with our idea. During the discussion, everyone participated actively in expressing ideas and making suggestions to generate more creative ideas to achieve desired results. We had given constructive criticism to make our conversation more productive with less awkward. The presence of clear communication had eventually helped us to avoid misunderstanding from taking place. Besides, I had been given chance to show off my written communication skills in developing a media plan and video script. I am glad that my teammates had taught me the way of developing good writing skills to ensure that people will be impressed by the high quality of written piece of work. 

Moreover, one of most notable accomplishments in this project was I am able to manage my time wisely. Through the practice of good time management skills, I had prioritised and scheduled my time for maximum impact and growth by focusing on getting things done in less time and hectic schedule. After the separation of duties among group members, I had decided to finish my task in researching on specific parts and bring up for discussion at the next group meeting. Once the project plan is approved by all members, I started to work on the task assigned to assure all work remain on schedule. My tight datelines were getting fewer and my stress had reduced as I am not going to take on a heavy workload and rushing from task-to-task at the same time. I am delighted that we were able to finish our shooting within time period scheduled. Thence, the proper time management has eventually made my life becomes much easier and convenient.

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