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challenge humanity faces on a global scale is the unrelenting matter of climate
change. Climate change is a great global issue that has an impact on global
temperature, the shirking of ice sheets and the sea level rise (NASA, 2017). The
global temperature is largely driven by the mass amounts of carbon dioxide and
human created emissions since the 19th century, this has caused a two-degree
Fahrenheit rise within the atmosphere (NASA, 2017). The shirking of ice sheets
has also occurred as it’s expected globally we are losing thirty-eight cubic
miles of ice sheets every year due to climate change and the warming of the
atmosphere (NASA, 2017). The average rise of the sea level is also increasing
as it reportedly rose eight inches in the past one hundred years and seemingly
doubling every decade (NASA, 2017).

an international scale several efforts are being made to confront the issue of
climate change, one major international community is known as the United
Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change or also known as the COP. The
COP embraces nationwide communications and emissions records between nations to
help them regulate and work on emission controls and other forms of becoming
more carbon neutral and sustainable (United Nations Framework Convention on
Climate Change, 2014). Success on the COP is rated for each nation differently,
for example, the Paris Agreement, the most recent convention has all parties,
or nations put onward their best efforts towards reducing their impact on
climate change through the reduction on carbon dioxide emissions, and creating
or forming more renewable energy sources within one’s state (United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change, 2014). Other specifics the Paris
Agreement builds on is to keep the global temperature rise this century under 2
degrees Celsius (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 2014).

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outlook for the future based on climate change all depends on cooperation
between states on a global scale. Constructivism international relations theory
will help explain and discuss several challenges faced on international
cooperation. In International Relations, constructivists stress a change from
rationalists to factor in the role of information, norms and morals (Khan,
2016). Also, due to globalization Constructivists believe in a global order
based off human rights and international law which correlates to the idea and
formation of COP (Khan, 2016). But challenges faced can deal with needing every
nation within COP and Paris Agreement to cooperate, but several nations have
their own ideas, factors and morals that they have developed on the idea of
climate change and whether it is truly prevalent or real, such as the United States.

creative policy recommendations at the local, national and international levels
would consist of several polices for the reduction of climate change. Specific
local laws would often corelate to national laws, as they would stress the same
priorities While on the international level would depend on each state
specifically, as the Paris Agreement also relates to this idea as some states
have more need for change such as carbon emission reductions and more
environmental friendly solutions.  

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