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Opening and maintaining your own business is not only a way to earn money, but also a way to achieve your dreams in life and find personal fulfillment. This path is not the easiest, but it is the path that the most significant entrepreneurs of history chose. While it is easier to open a business when you have a significant amount of savings, it is also possible to start a successful business from below, with intelligence, perseverance, and dedication, even if you do not have money. If you are ready to work hard and learn from your mistakes, you have that unique opportunity in life to build a successful business that you will have the pride of being an owner of.Design a business plan. How will you earn money? If you can not answer this question, you will not have to start your own business. The goal of any for-profit institution is to make money. That’s why you should have a detailed plan to do it before embarking on the adventure of a new business. Try to answer the following questions (they are fundamental and not exhaustive):•    How much will it cost to offer your product or service to the client?•    How much will you charge the customer for your product or service?•    How will you increase the volume of your business?•    How will your business offer a better option than the competition?•    What kind of people will you need to hire? Can work be done without these people?Analyze the competition. Who constitutes your competence? How much do they charge for the product or service that you will provide? Can you provide this product or service at a higher quality level or for a lower price? If so, congratulations, you may be successful. Make a study of the market you intend to enter, as well as the businesses that have (and have not) been successful in the market.•    Not all companies can start with the same ease. The business research company IBISWorld recommends that in some industries it is better to aspire to have a small business with low entry costs and high growth potential. And on these are the human resources and management of social benefits, the ambulatory sale, online auction and virtual sales, ethnic product supermarkets, liquor stores, Internet advertising, among others.Look for opportunities to acquire skills without spending a lot of money. If you have a business idea, but do not have the skills or training necessary to carry it out, get the training you need at a low price. Try to reach agreements with institutions or companies that provide training to train you in exchange for a service that your future company can provide. Look for a part-time paid internship. Look for opportunities to acquire practical knowledge through your friends, family, or some well-known expert in the field. You must maintain a source of income while doing this, in case you have to extend your training period.•    If necessary, go back to the classrooms, apply for a scholarship and a financial aid package for which you are eligible. The paperwork can take time, but the results (that is, the money you will save) will be worth it.

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