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Ophelia was love by Polonius her father, Laertes her brother, and Hamlet. She passed away from a suicide drowning. Hamlet love her. But the King rejected him so he wasn’t able to fully express his love for her. Hamlet wrote a letter to her Polonius reads her letter that Hamlet wrote to the Queen. He says “Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move, Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love. Hamlet said that he was bad at poetry but that could win a girls heart over anyday. Hamlet loved her and that is all that matters. Her funeral will be held at 9:00am on March 8th,1557

Queen Gertrude
Queen Gertrude was the widow of late King Hamlet, and the current wife to King Claudius. She was Hamlet’s mother. She didn’t listen she she drank some poison that was meant for Hamlet. She died minutes before her husband and son. She was told by Hamlet that King Claudius is the one who killed King Hamlet. That didn’t matter she loved Claudius. She didn’t listen. Clearly. She drank the poison because she was thirsty. Her funeral will be held at 10:00am after Ophelia’s, on March 8, 1557

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King Claudius
King Claudius was the husband to the late Queen. The brother of King Hamlet, and the Father-Uncle to Hamlet. He killed his own brother, to get to the throne faster. That’s one way to do it. He didn’t like Hamlet because he knew that Hamlet knew his secrete. While Hamlet and Laertes decided to have a duel, the swords were swapped and the sword that Hamlet now acquired had poison on it. He took advantage and killed Claudius. His funeral will be held at 11:00am after Ophelia’s and the Queen’s, on March 8th, 1557

Laertes was the brother to Ophelia and the son to Polonius.

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