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is the behaviour who attempt self-interest with fraudulent. Dimension to
measure it are such as arrested for disseminating information, no
accomplishing  the obligation,
avoiding  by bad action or talking
dishonesty, refusal to adapt, the violation making, and asking renegotiation
with the use of force (Ahimbisibwe, Nangoli, &
Tusiime, 2012). It developed from a multidimensional assemble moral conviction support
by an exchange partner. Based marketing literature, trust can be used to
mitigate the opportunistic behaviour but it only reduce the behaviour that is
due to fraudulence and is not effective to against flattery or cynicism (Grzeskowiak & Al
Khatib, 2009).


of organization leader contributes to transfer unethical behaviour for lower
level. The personal who assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task
is a reaction to the opportunism of their superior (Bodrov, 2014). Opportunism is also a great significance phenomenon to
buyer-supplier relationship. Hawkins, Lewin, and Amos,
(2012) proved that attitude of buyers’ toward acting opportunistically
effected by the leader’s opportunistic behaviour both directly and moderately. In
the other side, if the outsourcing provider is given opportunity to act in a
self-serving manner, it will be toward service provider opportunism. Trust of
buyer on mediated power will increase service provider shirking and pouching
(service provider opportunism). Conversely, it on non-mediated power will
diminished opportunistic behaviour level. Mediated power is relationship with
the using of negative and competitive of power, such as reward, coercive, and
legal legitimate. On the contrary, non-mediated power is more positive,
relational in nature, such as expert and referent (Handley & Benton Jr, 2012). The fact, environmental such as leadership and individual
difference such as honesty have tendency effect the buyer when the opportunism
consideration is weak but not it is strong.

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efficiency and opportunism ever tested for selection of firm auditor. The
drivers of efficiency are high level of institutional shareholding, foreign
shareholding, specialization of industry and audit complexity. Opportunism
drivers are CEO chair duality, audit risk, government shareholding, and local
sponsor shareholding. The solution of research is opportunism consideration have
larger effect in shaping auditor choice compare with efficiency consideration (Karim, 2013). Opportunism can also emerge from internal firm called
internal opportunism. It refers to trouble of individual through the prospects
of other party within the firm that act with tricky in their own self- interest
(Murtha, Challagalla, &
Kohli, 2011).


collect the efforts to mislead, distort, disagree, obfuscate or otherwise
confuse among firms needs inter-firm opportunism. Wang and Yang, (2013) accumulate the antecedent and consequence of opportunism
from prior research. The antecedents of opportunism are environmental
volatility, communication, cultural sensitivity, transaction specific
investment, norms, goal congruence, relative dependence, formulation,
governance emphasis. The consequences of opportunism are organizational
performance, overall satisfaction, trust, commitment, functional conflict and
cost. This research proved that all antecedents significant affect the
inter-firm opportunism and the best antecedent is goal congruence. Additionally,
inter-firm opportunism affects the organizational performance through mediating
process of overall satisfaction, trust, commitment, and functional conflict.


is not always has negative connotation. If it is associated with technology
will be positive connotation, such as technological opportunism. It is a
capability of firm to feel and reaction to change in technologies. Sarkees, (2011) found technological opportunism is associated with
performance have significant impact. He measured performance by firm sales,
profits and market value. Moreover, there are significant impact on relationship
of market orientation on the firm performance enhance when it acts as moderate
variable (Voola, Casimir, Carlson,
& Agnihotri, 2012)

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