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In the world today,
climate change has had a big impact. Human activities are solely responsible
for the changes in the global climate and this condition continues to escalate
as days go by. There are extensive considerations that show signs of global
warming and this implies that the changes that are occurring to climate can be
reversed by the people undertaking the mandate to enforce safer environmental
practices. As a result of climate change, there have been negative consequences
to the people and there has also been an escalation of the threats poised to
the ecosystem. However, there is hope and optimism that with the increased
technological interventions, greener practices will be sought and these will
enhance environmental safety and protection against the adverse effects of
climate change. There exists hope that the world will start using safer
environmental practices that will eradicate the negative consequences we are
currently experiencing from global climate change.

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The hope and optimism for
addressing the climate change exist in the notions that the humans in the
current century have several options within which they can choose to do the
right thing by undertaking measures such as environmental conservation,
re-using the treated wastewater and desalinating the brackish water. Through
such activities, the support from both the local and the municipal governments
would stand to help countries in mitigating the climate change effects. Moe to
that, the people can also make sure that the adverse effects of climate change
have been addressed by pricing the water in a sensible manner such that people
will endorse conservation. This is a reason for hope as with controlling and
conserving the water sources, this could ensure that the people are using water
in a modest way.

Hope still exists as the
governments can undertake measures to control the irrigation purposes. In this
case, the governments can modernize the farming irrigation systems to protect
the viability of the rural communities and by doing this, making sure that
there are enough supplies for other sectors. Considerably, what gives me more
hope and optimism that the negative consequences of climate change can be
reversed relates to the efforts that the government is currently making to
address these challenges. By forming strong affiliations and credible
relationships with other flourishing nations, our government has undertaken the
initiative of making sure that there are strict laws that abolish the effects
of climate change. With the imposition of the carbon-emission standards, this
will be a step ahead of making sure that the country moves along with others in
terms of regulating the carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

As car pollution has been
the leading cause of climate change, thanks to our government which is striving
to ensure that automakers build fuel-efficient vehicles. Integrated with
technology, this has stood to help the nation in fostering for environmental
preservation. Further, as the awareness continues being raised on green living,
optimism has followed as people are now turning their lives to be
value-centered and this has been helpful in championing for environmental

It is evident that both
the government and the people are taking part in ensuring environmental
conservation. This move has enhanced the promotion of environmentally friendly
activities. Continuing with this trend would mean that in the next 20 years,
there will be a lot of progress and the world climate change will have been
maintained and balanced. It all takes effort and dedication towards effective

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