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Originated from Italy in the late 13th century and boomed in Europe in 16th century, the Renaissance just seemed like a wisdom storm sweeping across the continent of Europe, even the whole world. The Renaissance was the first great enlightment in human history, its influence for human society was beyond measured. Engels once said: “this was the greatest and the most progressed revolution which people never experienced in human history. And this was a full of wisdom and passion period which born many giants in varied areas.”
The Renaissance was a cultural revolution against the feudal ideas which led by the asset class. The core idea of the Renaissance was humanism spirit. They advocated human nature and opposed divine nature. They encouraged people chasing their own happiness and pursuing the liberation of human nature. The Renaissance left a great fortune ranged from literature, painting and music to astronomy, mathematics and so on. Until today it also exerts a subtle influence in our daily life.

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