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country is slowly losing because of the overuse and the bad habit of people
towards to our environment.Because of the new technology ,people did’nt
recognize how does the environment became messy.As the time goes people became
more destructable to our environment.They did’nt even care to what happen
surround them.Like for example,there are people who do not care if they see
small ones of small clutter or dust ,they just let alone.The big question is why?.Why
does people ignore the small things that there life can even destroy.Imagine
that those small things can also destroy all people.It can cause of having a
strong typhoon,flood and landslide.So for me,the number one things that can
affect the people’s attention towards the environment, because of the new
phones,gadgets,etc. that created.Instead of cleaning our house,garage,community
and school,people nowadays are putting in mind things worthwhile, such as
saturating playing cellphones, and computer-makers.Because of modern
technology, people use it to the bad. Like machines that emit dirty smoke from
infrastructure, mined mountains, cutting trees illegal fishing using bombs and
much more. Because of this, the problem of our country gradually worsens because
people do not obey what they should let’s do just as simple waste disposal in
the right container does not work. But even if we do, people still help and
enforce laws to help improve our environment.



is indeed spectacular.It tells us what beauty really is and is is the answer to
all human needs.Humanity and nature are somehow united.It is believed that
there is a powerful being that connects humankind to the mysterious spiritually
of nature.This is probably the reason why people from all walks of life are
easily captivated or enchanted everytime they go to the different
places.Thus,whenever they find one that will satisfy their aesthetic need,the
tendency is to returnto that beautiful spot to look for more adventures.

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