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Debord states that “fragmented views of reality regroup themselves into a new unity as a separate pseudo-world that can only be looked at” (G. Debord, Society of The Spectacle, 1967, p.???). The spectacle of the Internet constructs a faux-world around us by using images, as well as implementing characteristics of the real world, to attempt to resemble reality. As a society we are obviously aware that the images of the world we are looking at are digital, however the “pseudo-world” of the Internet is able to simultaneously situate itself as part of reality through it’s disposition in mainstream culture. It has become part of our world and integral to our way of life, resulting in it growing to become a dominant means for experiencing the real world. As Debord states in an earlier quote, “everything that was directly lived has receded into a representation” (G. Debord, Society of The Spectacle, 1967, p.???), meaning our way of life, which is lived through the utilisation of this “pseudo-world,” is nothing but an illusion of living. The “pseudo-world” is so well constructed to the point where I can live my life without ever having to leave the house; I can spend hours of my day aimlessly scrolling through seemingly bottomless Facebook news feeds, keeping up to date on lives of friends and world news; I can order tonights dinner and a completely new set of clothes right to my doorstep; I can even find a date for next week’s lunch while I’m sat on the toilet swiping through an endless sea of strangers.

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