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Costa Rica is a country with a land mass of about 19,714 square miles located at the southern end of the American continent, bordered to the north by Nicaragua and Panama on the south. The Pacific Ocean surrounds the west and eastern ends of Costa Rica and the Caribbean Sea, making the country a haven of many beaches and resort centers, therefore cementing the position of tourism as the country’s major economy booster.
Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Costa Rica with expectations needing to be met. Such expectations include a satisfying and refreshing feel, beautiful sights and a connection to the natural environment. All of these expectations can be fulfilled as soon as tourists visit the various beaches across the country.
This article gives you an understanding of some of these various beaches so that you know which best suits you and which to visit first.
Playa Hermosa
Located in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, the Playa Hermosa is an epitome of beauty to behold. Indirect and simple English, Playa Hermosa means “beautiful beach,” and its reality isn’t far from this. When you get bored enjoying the serenity of this beach or watching the sunset, you could get involved in surfing or horseback riding.
Playa Santa Teresa
If you’re a lover of secluded and romantic spots where you and your partner could watch the sunset holding hands, then the Santa Teresa is probably the best place for you. This fantastic beach located in Santa Teresa in the Province of Puntarenas overflows with white sandy shores, friendly people and great food with the surfing there so breathtaking, some tourists dub it the “surfers paradise.”
Playa Tamarindo
Playa Tamarindo offers a wide variety of fun-filled and entertaining prospects, including surfing, beach volley, and swimming. Players from all over the world also get the best pick of ladies with model bodies moving around in a bikini and playing beach ball.
Playa Espidilla (Manuel Antonio)
Also known as Playa Numero Uno (meaning “number one beach”), the Espidilla is located in the Manuel Antonio National Park, along with other choice beaches such as the La Playita, Playa Segunda and Playa Blanca (also known as Playa Manuel Antonio). Various water sports such as rowing are a part of the beach’s fun-filled adventure, as well as swimming to exercise a bit.
Playa Conchal
This is (based on views from tourists and some locals) arguably the best beach in the Tico Country. From having a perfect view of the sunset to the collection of some of the most beautiful water sports and it being a haven of fresh water for swimming, the Playa Conchal has left the best taste in the mouth of adventure-hungry tourists and has filled the mouth of many with so much more stories to tell.  

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