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Cara Schwinger
Photography 8
Rehahn Croquevielle

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In Bayeux in Normandy, France on the May 4th in 1979, world traveler and photographer Rehahn Croquevielle was born. Known as the photographer “who captures emotions and people’s souls,” When taking pictures, Croquevielle develops strong relationships with everyone he meets and shoots. Prior to residing in Hoi An, Vietnam, Croquevielle has traveled to over 35 countries.
When traveling to Vietnam for the first time in 2007, Croquevielle captured the diversity and fragility of the various tribes and cultures through his lens. In hope of meeting all 54 tribes in Vietnam, Croquevielle moved to this country that affected him so much personally and professionally. In January 2014, he released a Vietnam best-seller called Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts which included a collection of 150 photographs which emphasizes the diversity of the country. By December of the same year, Croquevielle was named the fourth best travel photographer in the world, beside internationally renowned photographers. After having his first be such a big hit, Croquevielle released 150 new pictures in the second volume of Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts in November 2015. Two months later, he was named the second most popular French photographer on the internet behind JR. 
Croquevielle first picked up a camera in 2007 when he was traveling. He used a Canon EOS 350D until moving to Vietnam when he invested in a Canon 5D Mark II. He became interested in and attracted to photography because of the opportunity for him to connect with people and different cultures around the world. Prior to picking up photography, Croquevielle would be described as a shy person; however, Rehahn, known by his first name in the photography world, is a courageous man who is outspoken enough to go introduce and meet new people in order to photograph them.
Croquevielle focuses on portraits intended to capture the soul of the model. He has created two projects, the “Precious Heritage” project and the “Giving Back” project. “Precious Heritage” is Croquevielle’s project of meeting the 54 tribes of Vietnam, of which he has already met 45. He attempts to capture the tradition and diversity of Vietnam, which is slowly fading. In Croquevielle’s “Giving Back” project, he aims to make the living conditions of his models better. Croquevielle hopes to inspire other photographers because according to him, “photographers are nothing without the people in their photos.”

   Rehahn’s Work


I like Rehahn’s photography because he truly captures the souls of all of his subjects. Even though the majority of his pictures are of people in poverty, they are so joyful and their joy shows through in the pictures. Rehahn makes sure to include eyes and have them stand out in order to make the picture more intense. Rehahn includes aspects of his subjects culture to help the viewer understand more about the picture. What I really enjoy about Rehahn’s photography is gives me a story in each photo, yet lets me imagine there home life. He sparks my curiosity about each person and their stories.

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