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During the birth of computing, everything seemed to be confusing. People were trying to find out how to properly utilise the electronics in the right way to produce, and change data. “ENIAC, the first computer ever created, contained over 17,000 vacuum tubes. It consumed over 150 kilowatts of power and weighed as much as fifteen large cars” (M.S. Smith). In the previous years, the word, “control processing units” had no existence until in the 20 century. This was mainly because the computers in the previous days were not sophisticated enough to represent the functions of the CPU from the rest of the computer hardware. “ENIAC used punch cards to store data” (M.S. Smith). Unlike how computers now have features such as input/output ports, usb cable connector, and memory, ENIAC was rather different and it was comparable to a giant block in a room. 

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     The CPU which was first made was called as, “Intel 4004 microprocessor” (M.S. Smith) and it was created based from the request from a company that specialises in calculators. This was significant as this CPU had basic functions which modern CPUs now have such as making basic arithmetic calculations from data. The time where the Intel 4004 microprocessor was first announced, it had a huge impact while there was also research being conducted on inventing different CPUs. In the early 1970s, major calculator companies came up with different sorts of microprocessors which was comparable to the Intel 4004. These microprocessors were upgraded and modified later in the year, which resulted in more better quality products such as the “Intel 8008” (M.S. Smith). 

     As competition started to arise where major electronic companies started to compete against each other to create the best CPU available, some companies like Intel released their CPUs earlier due to the pressure from other companies who had advanced CPU designs at that time. As a result of this competition, 16-bit and 32-bit CPUs were manufactured which showed evidence of the advancement in computing technology. Through the later years such as the 1990s, Intel as a computing company did become the choice of company for manufacturing CPUs. In the 1990s, the competition focused more on certain aspects such as cache size amounts and clock speeds for CPUs.  

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