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There was an experiment done in Arizona where the experimenters proposed that a scent can cause emotions that can increase attraction to a product or can evoke actions. In the study, they used a sweet scent normally used for baby products and proposed that it will cause a nurturing loving feeling. They expose participants to a the target scent or the control scent while they evaluated a product.  As a result, the scent evoked emotions of natural-love did affect consumers’ choices in products, making the products seem much more appealing. There was a significant difference in evaluation between the baby scent and the control scent (Riker, Morales, & Nowlis 2011). In another experiment done in Arkansas, they recorded 200 participants’ perspective towards their personality traits, attitudes and senses of smell which were measured using two questionnaires. The participants were around the age of 18–73 years.  As their results, they found a strong correlation between attitudes, personality traits and smell through the questionnaires which is what I’ll also use as a tool in my experiment (Seo, Lee, & Cho 2013). In Chicago, the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation investigated the correlation between sights and smell. They asked a group of males to estimated the weight of a female participant while she wore various types of aromas or no odor at all. With spice and floral perfumes, the men guessed the female’s weight to be around four pounds less (Weir 2011). Next they had participants that smelled grapefruit scents to assess the female’s age and as a result they guessed the females to be five years younger than their actual age (Weir 2011). There was also a study in which subjects exposed to satisfying aromas gave higher attractiveness reviews to the people in the photographs while an unpleasant scents led people to give low reviews (Fox 2009). This is rather significant that certain smells can influence one’s arousal towards another. As a test in a Las Vegas casino, they statistically counted that the amount of money gambled escalated by over 45 percent when the place had a satisfying fragrance (Fox 2009).

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