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Since Joomla! has won so many awards, there must be some features that make Joomla! stand out of the crowd. Down below are listed some of the core features of Joomla! that make it stand out of the crowd and makes it a better open source software for web-development based on Php.

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Multiple Languages: the fact that Joomla! has more than 70 languages is quite astonishing in itself because since it is a website development software, it isn’t necessary that all the users would be doing it in only one language.
Flexibility: the fact that Joomla! is flexible enough for its clients to use it for their best interests like either making a blog or a website, a webpage and many more options using just one open source software, Joomla!
Menu making: one great feature of Joomla! is that it allows users to easily make menu’s and menu’s within menu’s. This way one can give great classification of the inventory or any similar use according to their needs.
Cache management: cache is the data that the computer stores for the faster and optimised working of it.
Open source software: Open source can be related to as always developing, this means that at any given point of time, work is being done on an open source software to make it more efficient, bug free and a better version of itself.
Amazing Design features: The amazing design features of Joomla! are a big reason which contribute to the fact that it is widely used worldwide. Some of them are as follows -Template overriding : This means that we can use one template and then customise it to our own needs which makes them extremely specific to the person who needs it. Responsive: the fact that Joomla! uses bootstrap is what makes it extremely responsive and user friendly. To make the things extremely comfortable for the users, Joomla! has a feature for making our own personal template that would serve to our specific needs and would help in bringing more detail and attention to our specific webpage.
Media managing: these features are included in Joomla! so that it is easy to upload and maintain the media that we put on the webpage and the website.

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