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grade 12 QSHS students aim University of the Philippines? It is
renowned to a student that came from a Science high school to attend
college in a government-owned institution or university like the
prestigious University of the Philippines because of the quality of
education they provide to produce caliber professionals. It’s truly
evident in our society that the products of UP have wide distinctions
in different field. So is it a notion for a Science high school
student graduate like grade 12 students of Quezon Science High School
to aspire in entering University of the Philippines for college life?

a graduating student stepped on his last year at high school, he
might be thinking on what will happen next after his life in middle
school. And one of these is if he will continue his journey on
pursuing on a bachelor’s degree? If yes, what and where institution
will provide him the quality of education he deserves. In our
country, University of the Philippines is one of the top universities
that ranked by many scholars. The “isko at iska” of our
country are provided the prime education by the government because
there is a huge amount of budget for state universities so these
scholars are paying the less amount than other (private)
universities. Making this institution as one of the choices of high
school students in their plans of taking entrance examinations. UP
maintains the average of 20,000-25,000 average of examinees a year in
their UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test).
These number of students who inspires to be part of UP community
depletes in more or less 75% because of the required grades and
passing rate. This is why Science high school students and other
graduating students who have the capacities and capabilities to enter
UP are eager to pass the UPCAT. Science high school students are the
“cream of the crops” in the high school people so many are
thinking that these group of students are aspiring in entering UP.
Because same as the UP QSHS e governed by the administration and
they’re both providing exquisite education.

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should QSHS students aspires in entering UP? The answer is in the
youth who will decide for their own future. University of the
Philippines have their branch in Los Baños in the province of Laguna
which make them have an accessible way to get into UP. Years ago,
before the millennial age they say education is a right. But in our
time now, it seems like education is a privilege. So if we think we
have the talent, guts, and the persuasion to be part of a prestigious
institution. We must consider a lot of greater things in taking our
steps just like on what, where, and how to enter in a new chapter of
life– college life.

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