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Anwar’s life story is an inspiring one but the early life of Mr.
Anwar was not easy. Struggle and hard work these two words sum up his
early life. Anwar Hossain was born in an affluent family, faced many
difficulties early in life all due to his father passing away. He had
financial difficulties and tried to support the family in any way
possible. During that struggle, he found out about how hard life is.
He sold buttons during early age of fifteen to live. He waited for
any opportunity to come and got on when a Pakistani business was
facing difficulties to sold of the materials that he owned. He used
this opportunity to start his journey as a businessman by buying out
the products of that man and sold them. This way Mr. Anwar gained the
much needed capital to start a business of his own. After that he
started selling “Mala Saree” buttons for clothing and combs which
became a hit in the market and this way he established his reputation
as a businessman.Due to his early life struggles with financial
difficulties, it was tough for him to keep up with his studies and
also support his family. Mr. Anwar helped his family with all his
earnings during his childhood and he didn’t had money to pay his fees
and also it was tough to maintain a family and study. Thus why he
couldn’t study for longtime and gave up. He studied class ten, even
today he regrets the fact that he didn’t study for longtime.Whose
commitment has prime part, behind arrangement of the modern gathering
in blend of these foundations; he is the Chairman of the Group, Anwar
Hossain. Mr. Anwar Hossain extended the business gradually as got by
legacy from his dad. Gigantic modern Group of the time, Anwar Group’s
business establishment laying occurred in the year 1834. Father Rahim
Baksh began by setting up a brush and catch manufacturing plant in
old Dhaka town. His skillful successor Anwar Hossain by holding the
same stepped up with regards to slowly grows the same.That activity
of him hovering around various areas, today came to at developed
position. Anwar Silk Mills Limited, Anwar Yarn Dyeing, Mahmood
Industries and Hossain Dyeing and Printing Mills Limited – these
modern units framed throughout the years. Aside from that in Jute
area the mentionable organizations are Anwar Jute Spinning Mills
Ltd.In land area, this current gathering’s organization Anwar
Landmark Limited is having huge part in building lodgingappropriate
for the time. This gathering has business likewise in training and
ICT parts. In exchanging Anwar gathering’s organizations are Anwar
Export-Import Limited, Kaba Trading Company and Mala Corporation
(Anwar Group, 2013).Anwar Group takes pride in the accomplishment of
its partner organizations that incorporates composite material, jute,
budgetary administration like banks and protection, building
materials, land, home stylistic theme, designing, exchanging, and
vehicles.Hossain Dyeing and Printing Mills Ltd. Was established in
1982. This company has now turned out to be one of the biggest and
most present day cotton, blended and manufactured textures coloring,
printing and completing factory in the nation. Appropriately
considered as the trailblazer in the business, Hossain Dyeing and
Printing Mills Ltd is outfitted with world driving brands of
hardware, for example, two units of Kuster Cold Pad Batch machine,
two units of seventeen and fifteen shading Zimmer Rotary Printing
machine, six units of Babcock Stented machines, Continuous Bleaching
range, three Flat Bed Printing Machine and numerous others.

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of the first in the nation, Anwar Textile’s Yarn Dyeing unit has been
a motivation for some, others to have gone with the same pattern.
From an import dependent portion, the spearheadingpart of Anwar
Textiles now makes the nation all most 100% self-Dependant in ‘yarn
coloring’ in under one decade. Predictable quality administration and
items have kept Anwar Textiles Yarn Dyeing Unit a best for the last 6
back to back years.Anwar Silk Mills Ltd., set up with fifty units of
Tsudokoma Shuttle weaving looms in 1966, is presently the glad parent
organization of the nation’s material Tzar bragging a weaving unit
involving best in class and most recent age Airjet, Rapier and Terry
carry less weaving machines. Maybe among the proudest results of the
nation, ‘Mala Saree’ (a customary dress for ladies in Bangladesh) has
been a minister of bravery and accomplishment for the Bangladeshi
business visionaries in the then Pakistan ruled Bangladesh.

Group, doing equity to the creativity and far sightedness that it is
known for. Soon enhanced into the fare advertise with great
Bathrobes, Bed Sheets, Aprons, Table Linen, Napkin, Kitchen and Terry
Towels to the European and US markets. The Group is among the biggest
exporter of family, institutional and retail things since 1994 in
Bangladesh. The division is especially pleased to be among the best
exporters of kitchen towels to the US in the whole subcontinent. It
has likewise settled its own particular place in the racks of most
retail chains in Europe with its first rate family and Institutional
terry items (Anwar Group, 2017).Tested to the present design world
inclinations, a crucial course is the utilization of colorful
texture. Sowing seeds of achievement in a decade ago, the Yarn Dyeing
unit earned its coordinated notoriety of value, responsibility and
administration. The customer base is agreed with promising brands
with trendsetting coloring apparatuses – Scholl marks generally,
this unit forms a wide range of yarns: normal to artificial and spun
to fiber. A gathering of exceedingly gifted experts are putting their
best push to bring every one of these thoughts into light(Anwar
Group, 2017).Textile Division finished its vertical incorporation in
1996 when Mehmud Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., a cotton yarn turning
factory, was set-up outfitted with rotors, ring turning and
auto-coros. Mehmud Industries (Pvt.) Ltd

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