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offer by vehicular ad-hoc network

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Ad hoc Network as described by Shereen
A. M. Ahmed (2013)
provides the following services:

Road safety applications

The safety service of VANET
improves driving conditions and reduces the chances of road
accidents. The network enables information sharing among vehicles or
between vehicles and roadside units, the best way to reflect the
value of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), is to ensure safety
of the applications, such applications includes collision warning
as well as emergency warning. Minimal reduction of accidents rate and
fatalities that occurs day and night on our roads is one of the goals
of ITS.


application service supported by VANET is to provide real time
information and updates to other nodes in the network, the update can
be on traffic flow and road status, by updating drivers on traffic
condition in advance in case of traffic jam, they can decide to
choose alternate routes to avoid the traffic jam. This will really
reduce driver’s travel time and fuel consumption; reductions in
fuel consumption will have a significantly effect on population
control. The information updates from vehicle can be periodic or
instance transmission to its neighbouring vehicles.


Vehicular network services include Internet application in a form of
on demand services. The vehicles can provide internet services so
that the passages on the vehicles can connect and share information
while the vehicles are on move on the road.
services in vehicular network

Hardware that allows detailed
vehicle position information are in cooperated in vehicular networks,
this device includes Global Positioning System (GPS) or Enhance
Global Positioning System (DGPS) receiver that enables and enhance
accurate location for vehicles to use.

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