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as a Pet
is considered that birds are extremelly Intelligent and they learnt
very quickly as compare to other pets in the society and
also they are very friendly in nature towards human beings, also
birds are easier to care than the other pets. Birds love to learn and
it is always fun to train them. In india it is very common to keep
pets such
Cats, dogs, cow, horse etc and less we see Birds as a pets. But it is
intresting that as comparision to animal pets , Birds pets are always
quick learner and understand the environment with a better
prespective. Birds also played a very important role in Environment
forecasting, their presence and absence has a specific significance
in particular region, coming of some birds also signifies for
particular season and it remind us to get equipped with our
traditional and environmental duties i.e, The
presence of parrots indicates the presence of guava and berry trees.
The presence of cuckoos indicates
the existence of mango trees whereas sparrows are seen near paddy
fields during
the season. Parrots
are seen as most
popular pet
birds and are
obviously very different from dogs and cats. Not only parrots have
their complicated
bodies, but also have amazing minds. The
interaction with human and the gossips with them is all unique in
nature as comparision to rest of the birds. The memorising power and
recognising style of Parrot species is amazing.

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in Music
tells us that Birds have also played a great role in music world and
Among the birds whose
song is most often used in music are the nightingle
and the cuckoo.
Composers and musicians have use the birds for their music in
different ways. They are inspired by the bird song, they incorporated
recordings of birds into their works.
Birds have
played a important role
in Western Classical music
since 14th century.
was after 1990s when bands
started to use sounds
effect including bird
song in their albums. the way birds use variations of rhythm,
relationships of musical
pitch and combinations
of notes
can resemble music.

in Literature and Poetry

are really a generous gift from the nature and their contribution and
help knowingly or unknowingly cannot be illustrated in a word. The
appearence of birds in ancient
time is found in history and literature, specially
in eastern tradition such as Buddhist Javasakuna
(Jataka), who use birds to imply moral conclusions about human

have been celebrated in poetry since ancient times, when for example
the Roman poet Catullus wrote in one of his most famous work
about a girl and her pet sparrow in “Sparrow, delight of my
girl”. In English romantic poetry, John
1819 “Ode
to a Nightingle”
popular classics.

in Clothing and fashion

are altogether utilized for quite a while for apparel and design even
before the introduction of civilisation. Plumes were utilized as a
grown-up toy in the nineteenth and twenteenth century. Ostrich tufts
were an extravagance product in Europe for quite a long time,
prompting genuine mischief to wild ostrich populaces, and consequent
foundation of ostrich ranches. Additionally Birds quills were most
imperative and still pervasive in the cutting edge society to
brighten and to engage the services at various plces. In old time and
today also, exchange of these winged animals plume was generally

creatures as Food

a history student, I have seen that Birds were among the wild
creatures chased for sustenance before the Neolithic upheaval and the
advancement of farming. Winged creatures have been tamed and reared
as poultry for use as sustenance for no less than four thousand
years. The most vital species is the chicken. Chicken now gives
somewhere in the range of 20% of the creature protein eaten by the
world’s human populace as meat and eggs. Winged creatures are chased
and are well known in various kind of nourishments over the world.

creatures in ther Economic employments

are utilized to make warm and delicate sheet material, including
eidersdown starting from the belly of the eider duck, and winter
garments as they have high “space”, catching a lot of air
for their weight. Plumes were utilized likewise for plume pens, for
fletching bolts, and to embellish angling draws, aside from that
winged creature bones were utilized by stone age people groups to
make drawbores and different devices.

the droppings of seabirds, rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and
pottasium was once critical as an agrarian compost is as yet utilized
as a part of organice cultivating. The War of the Pacific in 1865 was
to a limited extent about which nation had control of the domain
containing significant guano sources. Today, feathered creatures, for
example, the chicken and the Japanese quail are utilized as model
living beings in ornithological and all the more for the most part in
organic research, for example in toxicology.
in Paintings and Sculpture

creatures have been delineated in depictions, models and other
workmanship objects from the most punctual circumstances,
incorporating into give in compositions. In Chinese craftsmanship,
winged creature and-blossom painting shapes one of the three
noteworthy subjects (the others being scenes and figures), from the
season of the Five Dynasties in the tenth century. Huang Quan made
the naturalistic xiesheng style for feathered creature paintings.
Birds have for quite some time been praised in expressions of the
human experience of Japan, incorporating into painting, woodblock
printing, cloisonné, earthenware production and in fact verse from
the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years.

Birds from centuries and even before the birth of civilisation has
been a co-human partner in each of the envolvments where human tried
to established him or tried to found out the existence of their own.
Either it is culture and traditon, paintings or sculpture , clothing
and fashion or foods and lives, birds has alwyas played a crucial
engagement with human beings.

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