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P2: A manager is that person responsible for:
-planning and directing the work of a group
-monitoring their work
-taking corrective action when is necessary
-controls and solves problems
-plans detail
-minimize risks
-do things right
-more fixed
A leader is that person responsible for:
-creating value
-shows a direction
-motivates and ispires
-aligns and influences
-take risks
-do right things
-focus on people
-more flexible
This case study describes three different supervisors : Art,Bob and Carol. In my opinion both of them are leaders because they have followers not subordinated. They create a cicles of influence and lead by inspiring.
Art is a good leader because he motivates employees because he leads by example. He shows a genuine passion for his job and that carries through to the people he supervises. Art is overly involved but his team have a monotonous job they feel bored and can’t find understanding in him.A
rt’s leadership motivates employees because he leads by example. He a genuine p
Bob is a good leader because he embraces human needs within his followers as a supervisor. His team enjoy shift,they are motivated. He is people-oriented and focuses on the group on a personal level, but also he is doing something wrong because his team feel pressure and here we can talk about participation. He should be more flexible.

Carol is a good leader because she motivates her team, arranges meetings and identifies issues for works and than she tried to find solutions.

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They all need to evaluate the style and try to come to a middle-ground and maybe that switching workers between shifts could be less difficult.

P3: In this case study Art follows the Directive leadership style and task characteristic and Bob follows just the supportive leadership style. Carol is the third shift supervisor and she follows all theories and models of approach, that’s why she is more effective than Bob and Art.
I will describe the situational leadership,systems leadership and contingency:
Art: He follows the autocratic style. He need to provide more supportive behavior and connect interpersonally, and in my opinion he should use a new method for a team motivation because they are doing the same old things over and over. In this case we can talk about situational leadership and the leader need to change his style,not the follower to adapt to his style.
Bob: He follows only supportive leadership style. He tried to adopt friendly environment but these motivation and friendly environment are not related to task orientation. In my opinion he should be more flexible,and must adapt himself according to the situation.
Carol: She follows all models of approach, but also she need to evaluate the style because her team can not work in another team easily.

M2: We have six of leadership styles with the strengths and weaknesses :
-Transformational Leadership
-Pace Setter Leadership
-Laissez-Faire Leadership
-Coaching Leadership
-Authoritative Leadership
-Charismatic Leadership

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