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Parties are to celebrate special events and get to meet new people. However, what makes a party worth is to be able to enjoy it as well as your guests. Planning a go away party can be exciting and sad. When planning the party you need: setting, theme, guest list, and menu.
The first step is to decide the date, place, and time of the event. Mostly the parties take place on a weekend because a lot of people don’t work; however if it’s acceptable you can totally schedule your event in those days. Once you have picked the date and time make sure your location is available. When choosing the location make sure you pick one that your guests will love, for example a favorite park or a familiar hangout spot or even a sentimental place for you and your guest. Now that you have confirmed the date, place, and time, it is time to choose a theme you would love to have. The theme would determine what decorations, invitations, and the game’s (optional). The theme is mostly for your invitations. Depending on your invitations, it tells your guest what kind of party they will expect. Even though they will know it’s a going away party, they will come prepared if is either a costume party, water park, etc. So make sure you match you theme with your invitations.

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