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People are told their entire lives that once they graduate high school their next step is to go to college, graduate, and find a job but is that the best choice?  College is not the only option anymore for people that want to land a job.  There are trade schools people can go to that specialize in specific careers.  Even though college is no longer the only choice it is probably the better choice.  Attending college and earning a degree is essential while finding and acquiring a job because it gives students opportunities they may not have had or received if they did not attend college.  Once people graduate from high school they usually go to college to further their education.  In college, every student is required to take general education classes whether or not the classes pertain to their major.  “The phrase “General Education” refers to the educational foundation of skills, knowledge, habits of mind, and values that prepare students for success in their majors and in their personal and professional lives after graduation” (What is General Education?).  The courses for general education are mathematics, history, science, and English.  General education covers all the basic skills people can use later in life once they find a job because colleges want their students to be able to go out into the workforce and be successful in their careers.  “General education sets people up for success within a wide range of majors” (Trade School vs. College – Which is the Better Choice?).  Going to college some students are unsure about what they want to major in.  Taking these core classes can help students determine what they are going major in, like a student who was planning on majoring in business, but could not pass or did not enjoy taking calculus, they would consider switching majors.  Core classes could also help students decide their career choice.  “These classes allow students flexibility over the first year or two of their degree program to make a decision in the specific degree they want to pursue” (Trade School vs. College – Which is the Better Choice?).  Once a student decides their major they will take a variety of different classes that pertain to their major.  By taking those classes they have the ability to decide the kind of career they are going to pursue after graduation.  Colleges might also offer on-campus internships, with their classes, for students to further learn their major and career choice.  Through the internships, students have hands-on experience in the career they are pursuing.  Students experience aspects of careers that cannot be taught in a classroom.  If the student did not enjoy the internship they have the opportunity to switch their classes or major to find a career they enjoy.  Core classes and internships prepare students for their life after college because students are given chances to learn more skills and figure out the kind of job or career they want to acquire after graduation.

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