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Perceived benefits are the perception of the positive result that caused by a specific
plan (Leyiaro, 2015).  Perceived benefits
are explained a consumer’s motives for performing a behavior and adopting an
intervention or treatment (Leung, 2013). Leboo Leyiaro (2015) argues
convenience, time saving, and price advantages are the main reason that can
influence consumer’s behavior towards online shopping. Convenience is the
shopping practices when using that can save time and encourages consumers to
online shopping. Online shopping also is better than traditional way to
shopping, because online shopping is more
convenience and easy to use (Leyiaro, 2015). The
consumer can easily to search or browse the website through online. They
can find the products or services in the products catalog. Additionally,
convenience is one of the important factors that can influence the consumer to online shopping at any time and have bundles of items delivered to the door step.
Online shoppers bring many benefits in term of
convenience. For example, time consuming, and very less physical effort (Sultan
& Uddin, 2011). Besides convenience, time saving also is the important
factors that will influence customer’s behavior to online shopping. In another word, online shopping can save
consumer’s time and can eliminate the traveling time required to go shop or
shopping mall (Sultan & Uddin, 2011).
However, time saving not the motivating factor that encourages the consumer to shop online, due to online shopping
need takes time receiving products or services. But time saving factor can
explain as a person who is very busy and
no time to go out, they buy products or services they want through online to
save their time. Moreover, the price also
can influence a person to online shopping (Leyiaro, 2015). Most of the consumer
will compare the price among different e-retailers on each the same products
was time-consuming. Price is a very critical factor for the consumer on online shopping (Heim and Sinha,

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