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           Percy Jackson is a threat because he has stolen Zeus lightning bolt. Percy Jackson in the book the “Lighting thief” by Rick Riordan, is a mighty warrior because he possesses the characteristics such as selflessness, bravery, and perseverance when he goes on a journey to the dead to retrieve his mother and the lightning bolt.  Also, Percy has to face Medusa, a Minotaur, a fury, half-bloods, and the Olympians gods in order to complete his call to adventure. Only a true archetype hero can manage to complete these tasks. Is Percy a true archetype hero?           Percy Jackson had accomplished many tasks.  If it was an ordinary person they would never be able to accomplish one task. Percy is no ordinary boy on earth. It all started at his birth. Percy had an unusual birth circumstance, his father is the god of the sea, and his mother is Sally Jackson a human. According to the text “He was kind, Percy,” she said. “Tall, handsome, and powerful. But gentle, too. You have his black hair, you know, and his green eyes.” This quote explains to Percy how his Father looks like. Percy was only a baby when his father left. Percy never knew that his Father is one of the Olympians gods.                     Another archetype present in “The Lightning Thief” is the hero’s journey. Percy call to adventure was a field trip to the Greek gallery for his Latin class, Percy was called over by his pre-algebra teacher, Mrs.Doods. When he walked into the room Mrs.Doods became a fury. In the text on page 14, it says “Her eyes began to glow like barbecue coals. Her fingers stretched, turning into talons. Her jacket melted into large, leathery wings. She wasn’t human. She was a shriveled hag with bat wings and claws and a mouth full of yellow fangs, and she was about to slice me to ribbons.”  This quote shows that Percy journey had begun because he keeps on getting attacked .Mr.Brunner,  his Latin teacher, came to his rescue and told Grover to take him to “camp”. Grover takes Percy and his Mother away and as they were driving to the camp, they were attacked by a Minotaur.                                            Lastly, time at Camp Half-Blood it is revealed that a feud has broken out between Zeus and Poseidon. Zeus has lost his lightning bolt and blames his brother, Poseidon. Since Percy is revealed to be Poseidon’s son, everyone blames him for the theft.As the only way to solve the situation, Percy is given a quest: to travel to the Underworld and retrieve the lightning bolt from Hades (as everyone thinks Hades has stolen it).On the quest, Percy is accompanied by Grover the satyr who needs to prove himself. Last time he was given a chance to protect Half-Bloods he lost one, Thalia. He also wants to become a Seeker to search for his god, Pan. Annabeth is the second companion, a daughter of Athena. She is desperate to undertake a quest to prove herself to her mother, but since she doesn’t get a quest for herself she volunteers to accompany Percy on his. She is a brilliant tactician and has a cap which grants her invisibility. According to page 330 of the text “They had done nothing but save me, over and over, and now they wanted to sacrifice their lives for my mom.” This quote shows that Percy had help, that’s why Percy agreed to undertake the quest, not to help his father or the other gods avert a war, but to go to the Underworld and get his mother back.                    In conclusion, Percy Jackson is an archetype hero because he has all the characteristics of a hero. He lived with his mother and Stepfather without knowing that his Father is Poseidon god of the sea. Then he gets attacked during a school trip. By his pre-algebra teacher that turned into a fury, he had help from his Latin teacher Mr. Brunner. After that Percy, his mother and Friend Grover were on their way to camp Called half-blood camp. But a Minotaur appears and kills Percy’s mom. After a while, Percy learns that is Mother is in the underworld and if he wants to save her, he has to exchange the lightning bolt with his mother. Finally, Percy ends up save his mother and return the lightning bolt to Zeus. Will Percy bring the lightning bolt back in time? Or is a war coming?

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