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Person-Centered Planning:  

            Person-Centered Planning (PCP) is a collection of people who focus on an individual to support that person’s vision of future achievements. Determining who is on the team is significant because they will have to work together through obstacles in order for the goals to be reached. The person-centered team will often include friends, family members, teachers, and doctors who are in direct connection; but the center of it all is the focus person. PCP is dedicated to an ongoing process used to help this individual plan for their future and believes they can achieve their goals. During meetings, the team includes the focus person to discuss action plans and identify strategies that are realistic for this person. The entire plan is personal and honors the person’s state of mind and goals without judgment. The outcome of the action plan is for the individual to be self-regulating as possible in their own lives, contribute to their community, develop personal relationships, and improve abilities needed to achieve these goals. Equality, communication, and trust need to be addressed in the process of creating an action plan; this will ensure that the information provided by each team members is given as much consideration as everyone else’s input.

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Positive Behavior Support:

             Positive Behavior Support (PBS) uses strategies from scientific evidence to enhance the quality of life and reduce problematic behavior. All behavior happens for a reason, and punishment can sometimes create more unwanted behavior; PBS aims to eliminate negative behavior in positive ways. In can be seen in some cases that short period “fixes” will not truly address why unwanted behavior is happening and potentially can make the behavior worse. This can have a significant impact on quality of life for the individual and those who care for them. Research on behavior has confirmed that analyzing the collaboration between behavior and the environment is vital for creating a PBS plan. People who are involved in the focus person’s life are invited to collaborate and be part of the PBS team; the meeting of the team is vital to ensure all critical material, thoughts, and expertise is shared. Over time, the outcome of PBS will improve overall the quality of life and inclusion for the individual and those in direct connection. Positive Behavior Support can improve friendships, support participation in the community, promote more connections and increase opportunities for choice and independence. 


PBS and PCP Working Together:

            The connection between positive behavior support and person-centered approach is both plans being directed to quality of life, finding ways to inspire positive changes, and teaching new skills. PBS and person-centered approach plans can be directed from past lifetime achievements and will continue over time to modify its plan to fit the changing environments and needs of the focus individual. The ideal plan is only accomplished by everyone sharing personal information of the focus person; family, friends, doctors, and counselors may share the major amount of these details. For instance, medical history, interests, critical events, relationships, etc. possibly will be shared. “Effective behavior support can only happen when all team members are invested in the process, come to a common agreement, and are committed to carrying out behavior supports in a cohesive way” (Brown, Anderson and De Pry, 2015 p.49). Team work aids two fundamental purposes. Firstly, focusing on the individual who needs supports, is to increase the integrity and success of a PBS plan and ensure that the team is responsible to the individual’s requirements. Secondly, focusing on team’s efforts, is providing continuing support to other members as they engage in the PBS and PCP planning process. Person-centered planning informs and contributes to the positive behavior support plan in several ways. PCP allows teams to concentrate on a wider context of a focus person’s life, engaging an emphasis on improving the quality of life and promoting a desired lifestyle.  

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