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For a long time I wasn’t sure what I
wanted to study, I knew what my passions are however I didn’t know what course would
best suit me. After thorough research I found this course and after reading the
components to this course I knew it was perfect for me. I am extremely
confident that this is the right choice.

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It has always been clear to me that I
wanted to do something involving people, however it took a lot of research and
thought about myself to find that what my true passion is business and human
resource management.

I have always wanted to be involved
with the people that work in a company

Effective management of a company can
only take you that far the essential part is the management of the employees.

I have strong leadership qualities as
well as excellent communication and creativity

What is the point of investing millions
in extension strategies such as product and market development, if those
selling the goods were lacking motivation? 

What thrills me about the business
world is that it is constantly changing and conforming to the consumer. I like
to read business related books and newspapers e.g.…

In my free time I like to play tennis,
it is a great way to be active and get out of the house On top of this through
playing tennis it has improved my team working skills.

Whilst I was in school I did work
experience at a major hotel chain, this gave me my first insight into human
resource management and how vital it is.


There has been a big increase in the
importance of employee wellbeing and teambuilding workshops have become
increasingly popular.

I think the business world is
extremely fascinating and


I think I would be a good student
because I am extremely ambitious and am confident
that your university will enable me to expand my knowledge and enable me to accomplish
my dreams and future career plans, which are to ………..




I have done a lot of Volunteering
in my local community, such as organizing a team of people to clean a nearby
forest by picking rubbish from the ground. I have also organized an even for
the English theatre in Frankfurt for their biggest sponsor, the Commerzbank
which is a major bank in Germany.  

I have used the website
future learn and have taken part in several courses about business management
for example Business Fundamentals: effective communication

My very first job was at
the age of 14 I made flyers and hung them up at various supermarkets and other
places in my town. I was extremely excited when I got a phone call. I babysat 3
boys all under the age of 10: It was a lot of work to say the least. This has
helped me be able to work under stressful situations. Once they had gone to
sleep I used the time wisely and studied.

Through completing the
IB diploma programme it has excellently prepared me for university.





I have chosen this
course specifically, because it will enable me to have a broad range of

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