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 Personality in Terms Of Nature-Nurture My mom has always compared me to my siblings and my siblings to one another,  but yet in a way, we are nothing alike. We all have different interests, views, jobs, and are basically different in every way yet there’s something so alike between us all. I am interested in figuring out how I could be so alike to my siblings yet be so different. Do i get all my personality trait from genetics from my parents and grandparents? Or do I get my personality by who I hang out with and my activities? All these questions circulate and make me want to understand how I am becoming me. Nature in terms of personality is what traits one gets from genetics or heredity. I Can see my parents traits in me in terms of learning. My mom is a very slow learner and always struggled in school, I have a lot of the same learning issues. In terms of heredity I got a lot of traits from my dad. He has awful knees that dislocate in which I inherited. Also we have that same eyes and hair (when he had hair). On the other hand Nurture is traits one has from the environment they grew up in. I get most of my nurture traits from my mom because I spend the most time with her. Traits like refusing help, road rage, and being highly independent because I do not trust other people are all things that stem from my environment. The nurture traits I have picked up from my father throughout the years  is all about history. My dad is a big history fan which I am also and because of that I can very easily pick up historical information and remember it. This history memory relates to nurture because my dad constantly is talk and watches programs about history around me. To sum it all up, from my parents I get a fair share of nurture and nature qualities. Scientist are constantly  debating over If nature or nurture is the reason for a person’s personality. A sample study on nurture was done on zebra finches at University of Exeter which proved that a zebra finches personality is because of nurturing as an infant. Although this study is just of zebra finches it proves something important for the nurture argument, that external factors play a huge role in the development of the mind. The results of this study prove that non-genetic transmission of behaviour  is crucial for making up an zebra finches personality. Nurturing also has beneficial health benefits to it according to If a person knows that heart disease or diabetes runs in their family they can decrease chances of having those by  eating healthy and taking the time to exercise.Thus scientist were able to clearly connect nurture to real life situations proving a strong point that many get qualities through human interactions and not genes. In a different study, Instead of nurture, nature was proven in this study done by researchers from Edinburgh University. Timothy Bates, who led the study, said: “Previously, the role of family and the environment around the home often dominated people’s ideas about what affected psychological wellbeing. However, this work highlights a much more powerful influence from genetics.”  the study between identical and non- identical twins at the University went through and studied over 800 people to learn if genetics or upbringing has a greater effect on a person’s life in terms of success. The article proves that in this study that  nature plays a huge role for making up a person’s personality. Twins are very good to conduct studies on because of the shared home environment that both the twins live in. On the other hand identical twins are even better to study because of  not only the shared genetics but the shared home environment.. The article later on goes on to say,  “Genes play a greater role in determining key personality traits like social skills and learning ability” To prove this statement the article comes up with facts. One important fact that supports the argument, “Genetics were most influential on people’s sense of self-control and also affected their social and learning abilities and their sense of purpose. This study proves that where you are born and raise does not play as big of a role in people. Sir  Francis  Galton  in 1869 came up with the theory of Nature vs. Nurture  but before that people had other opinions on where a person gets their personality from. Around 400 B.C.E people believed personality came from humors, humors are 4 different types of body fluids. The four types of body fluids were Yellow bile,Blood, Black bile, and Phlegm . When Sir Francis Galton came up with his theory centuries later he underwent a lot of criticism for his theory.  In the article on “Medicinenet” it talks about the impact both physically and mentally nurture and nature cause on a person. It goes on to compare the health benefits and harsh effects either nature or nurturing on the body. Interestingly enough, a human body alters its own genes to protect itself from diseases.Diseases that can be inherited and protect the brain from mental illness. The article goes on and to explain  the nurture  factor  stating,  “Moreover,  researchers  who study the brain have found overwhelming evidence that a person’s genetic factors and his or her experiences guide and support brain development.” As a person grows into adulthood, their brain makes new nerve cells. These nerve cells have the power of changing intelligence connections throughout life.

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