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Personification in Animal

Personification is defined as giving a human
characteristic to a non-human. First of all, animal farm was written by George ORWELL
and his intention was to describe the situation of the revolutionary era just
before the world war 2 which held on the year 1942.

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The story of animal farm took place in a farm called
manor farm whereby the owner was Mr Jones as he was also known as the meanest
and a drunkard for the animal which were in the farm. As the story goes by the
animal had a leader named old major where he called forth all the animal for a
meeting as he knew that he was going to die soon as he wanted the animal to
rebel against Mr Jones for the sake of their lives. The animal has managed to
chase Mr Jones away but yet they had faced loses of life as well. The story was
then followed by the leader position taken over by the pigs and the fight for
power which when along the pig’s community while the other animal was to follow
the order made by them. Snowball was the second leader whom took charge of the
farm but were then opposed by neapolian whom managed to make snowball flee from
the farm with the help of the dogs that neapolian raised secretly to oppose
snowball as the leader. As the animal were forced to be working for neapolian
finally realised that the pig was just using them where else the pigs get the
first choices for all. This was ongoing until neapolian ordered boxer to be killed
although he lied to Benjamin which were the best friend for Boxer but Benjamin
finally decided to attack the pigs as they were just as same as the first human
owner Mr jones.

The novel was actually a masterpiece of
personification and symbols. The author actually was portraying on the
communism and other type of government present during that era. There were
several personifications found on this novel which is firstly the character of
old major. He was actually referred to the father of animalism which is known
as Karl Marx. He was also to be representing as the original leader of
communism which was Vladimir Lenin. The story has stated on how old major asked
the other animals to go on a rebel against the owner of the farm Mr Jones. Therefore,
it is proven that here animal acts as a human to go against the owner due to
the lacking of the owner to provide their rights. The writer is here trying to
portray old major as the father of animalism which also relates to the original
communist leader as well. The book also has quoted that old major was exhibited
at a show called Willingdon beauty.

The second personification found in this novel is
snowball. He was one of the pig whom took over the leads after the death of old
major. He actually symbolizes the person called Leo Trotsky who was one of the
original revolutionaries. Research has showed that Trotsky was labelled as a
traitor and conspirator in Russia. He was actually being deceived by Stallin
whom rose to power and has proclaimed Trotsky as his biggest enemy. In the year
1940, Stallin has assassinated Trotsky where then he became the leader after
the death of Trotsky. This story also relates the same as these whereby the
rise of snowball as the leader and the co leader was neapolian. Snowball was
then being made to flee by neapolian as what Stallin has done towards Trotsky.

Third personification found in this novel is the
character called neapolian. Neapolian took charge as the farm leader right
after snowball. Neapolian in the novel represent the person called Joseph
Stallin as he was known as the second leader of the soviet leader. In this
novel, you may observe engagement of trading between humans. The writer is
trying to pit point on the Nazi-soviet’s movement. Neapolian was actually
smarter than snowball so he was silently planning to assassinate snowball since
the beginning itself but he was just waiting for the right time as he managed
to announce snowball as a traitor and assassinate him by using his trained
loyal dogs. This relates to the story of how stallin and Trotsky were actually.

Next will be the three dogs in the novel which were
personified as the army or militant for the pigs. Looking into the novel these
dogs were actually the new-born of the mother dog whom were killed during the
rebel against Mr Jones. Those puppies were raised by neapolian to go against Snowball
and to act as his army to be used during battle or the against from the other
animals. The dog was loyal as how the army troop will be loyal towards their
leader. They dog were actually able to read as they were taught by neapolian
but doesn’t seem to show interest in their studies.

Furthermore, going into the character of the sheep were
actually the resemblance of the massive army to go for war. The sheep were in a
massive or large number but despite that they were giving blind obedience to
the pigs as to be exact their innocence is more accentuated as is their
simplicity of mind. This is shown that the sheep were ready to do as was
instructed by their leader whereby it is rather following order than being
attacked by the pigs.

Furthermore, the character of the horse or Boxer were
actually representing the working class during the revolutionary era. In the novel,
boxer was working hard for accomplishment of the goal as even though he was
physically harmed upon the attack of the human beings while defending his farm.
This show how a working-class human whom is less intelligent willing to do
anything to save their home despite the harm that they face including physical
damage or deaths for the sake of the people.

Lastly, talking about the duck, clover. The duck was
trying to learn which represent a human characteristic of getting knowledge.
She also represents the female counterparts whereby she will stay at the back
during the meeting just to watch over her ducklings. The novel said that the
duck where trying to learn alphabets where else in real life situation animals
are not able to learn.

In a nutshell, animal farm is resembling the
revolutionary era of Russia before the year 1942 which were before the world
war II has been commenced and it portrays character such as the leader of
communism such as Lenin, Trotsky and Stallin. The novel was written to send a
message to the reader on how was the era of Soviet Union actually. The book was
published on the year 1945 in England by the writer George ORWELL titled as
“Animal Farm”.

















Foreshadowing is
one of the devices used in literature works, especially novels. It is a
‘fortune teller’ or hint of  what is
going to happen in the future based on the current situation in a novel, or can
be warning to portray something bad will happen due to the current scene. It also gives dramatic tension to
a story – creating anticipation about what situation might occur. An author uses foreshadowing in creating
suspense as well as deliver information, making readers curious and having
assumptions about the future chapters in the story.

In the George
Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, the author used foreshadowing to invent an
atmosphere of suspension, besides in fostering an air of inevitability. The
first and foremost event in the Animal Farm’s scene that applied foreshadowing
is during the Old Major’s speech. In the first chapter, Old Major in the middle
of his speech said “…I have something else to say first. I do not think,
comrades, that I shall be with you for many months longer, and before I die, I
feel it my duty to pass on to you such wisdom as I have acquired…” – this
dialogue clearly makes us understand that Old Major will die. As in the chapter
after his speech, all the inhabitants of the farm spritely sang their anthem
‘Beasts of England’, and the Old Major almost reached his end, then he gave up
his last breath peacefully in his sleep three nights later.

Besides that,
the Old Major also mentions “And now, comrades, I will tell you about my
dream of last night. I cannot describe that dream to you. It was a dream of the
earth as it will be when Man has vanished.”
Here we can imagine that The Rebellion will happen and the animals will start
to against human beings. This began when the animals from Manor Farm drove out
Mr. Jones and his men, and changed the name of the farm to Animal Farm.

During the first
battle between the animals and Mr. Jones’s men, Jessie the dog was killed. Her
nine puppies were left to be abandoned as the animals have no idea about them.
But wicked Napoleon took them secretly, hid them in a barn and raised them.
This forecasted as Napoleon has some plan back in his head. This was proved
when Napoleon sets his dogs to attack Snowbell and killed him deep in the
woods, and claimed that Snowbell is a traitor n escaped elsewhere. He also sets
the fierce barking paws on any animals that acts against his says.

Moving on to the
second chapter, foreshadowing device is used again. As based on their late Old
Major’s speech, the animals agreed to obey The Seven Commandments as their
principles and Snowball the pig, accompanied by Squealer holding the paint
pail, began to paint them on the wall, listed:

goes upon two legs is an enemy.”

goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.”

animal shall wear clothes.”

animal shall sleep in a bed.”

animal shall drink alcohol.”

animal shall kill any other animal.”

animals are equal.”

The so-called
commandments established accepted by the inhabitants. However in the later
chapter, the commandments were sabotaged by Napoleon when the pigs started to
walk on two feet and covered themselves with suits. He changed and introduced
new commandments, such as:

legs good but two legs are better”

legs or with wings are inferior, so two legs are better”

can wear clothes”

animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets”

animal shall drink alcohol to excess”

animal shall kill other animal without cause”

animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”

Another best
event will be when the cows are milked and the mischievous pig Napoleon successfully
distracted the animals’ attention on the creamy drink by sending them off to
harvest. As expected, when the animals back to farm in dusk, they the buckets
of milk were missing! For the readers, it is no surprise that none other than
Napoleon was the culprit.

Mollie, the
white mare has her part of involving in the foreshadowing of her own future.
This took place when she asked Snowbell insanely “Will there still be sugar
after the Rebellion?” “”And shall I still be allowed to wear ribbons in my
mane?”. Snowbell firmly replied no. Mollie was unconvinced with the Rebellion,
and her thought of her fondness over sugar and ribbon gave her the courage to
escape from the farm during the men-animal battle, then she settled down in a
better farm.

Boxer, on the
other hand had given the foreshadow effect too. The horse was warned by Old
Major on his earlier speech “You, Boxer, the very day that those great muscles
of yours lose their power, Jones will sell you to the knacker, who will cut
your throat and boil you down for the foxhounds.” This was evident to the scene
where Boxer was severely injured during the building of windmill with Benjamin
the donkey. While Benjamin took responsibility to care his disable friend,
Napoleon had a crucial idea calling the knacker to carry Boxer away in exchange
of money. Benjamin cried to safe him but he was too old with the strength to
chase their vehicle. That shows the end of Boxer forever in this story.

Last but not
least, Old Major in the earliest chapter utters “And remember also that in
fighting against Man, we must not come to resemble him.” – meaning that no
animals should cooperate with humans in the sake of each other’s benefits, and
animals may end up engaging with bad activities of mankind. What we can see in
development of the story throughout chapters, the pigs had manipulated the
Seven Commandments, had illegal trade with Mr. Frederick, and the greatest deed
was changing the name of Animal Farm back to Manor’s Farm again! Old Benjamin
was too furious over the pig’s ‘imperialism’ then started to call and gather
upon all the animals in the farm and from neighbourhood. The dogs that were
security to pigs were drunk and fell to deep sleep. Finally, it was clear the
pigs have met their end.


















Animal Farm, George Orwell used ” diction ” and also defined it as
the choice of words employed or the choices of the words used in the novel
” Animal Farm “. George Orwell might be making some distinct and
deliberate choices in this sentence.

first deliberate choice of words he used would have to be the linking of ”
Studies ” and pigs together. Indeed, George Orwell depicts the pigs to be
keen and studious about the prerequisites to achieve power and how to keep it.
For example, When Old Major speaks, the pigs are gathered around him, paying
close attention to what he says because he was their leader and they listened
and understood h more. Clover might have been concerned with the last ducklings
and have been in the back, but the pigs were in the forefront studying and
analysing what Old Major says and how he says it.

deliberate example of diction would be in ” succeeded in reducing ” I
think that this is powerfully effective because if helps to reflect how the
pigs were skilled in ” reducing ” opposition towards them.

also, would be ” four legs good, two legs bad “. This phrase or
expression, which occurs in Chapter III, constitutes snowballs condensation of
the seven commandments of Animalism, which serves as abridgement of Old Major’s
stirring speech on the need for animal unity in the face if human oppression.
The phrase instances one of the novels many moments of propagandizing, which
George Orwell  portrays as example of how
the elite class abuses language to control the lower classes. Although the
slogan seems to help the animals relieve their goals at first, enabling them to
clarify in their minds the principles that they support, it soon becomes a
meaningless sound bleated by the sheep, serving no purpose other than to down
out dissenting opinion.

also Language can be used to manipulate as well as be used as an instrument of
control. The pigs in this novel use rhetoric to twist and distort what is
really occurring on the farm; their language is intended to justify their
actions and to pacify the other animals. An example of this would be the animal’s
respect for Old Major. They respected his vision of what could be, but after
his death the pigs manipulate his words. As a result, they don’t meet with any
resistance from the others because they initially believed in the rebellion. To
oppose the pigs would mean they see their actions were wrong, that the
rebellion wasn’t what they expected it to be.

Sunday, the animals hold a flag-raising ceremony. The flag’s green background
represents the fields of England, and its white hoof and horn symbolize the
animals. The morning rituals also include a democratic meeting, at which the
animals debate and establish new policies for the collective good. At the
meetings, Snowball and Napoleon always voice the loudest opinions, though their
views always clash.

establishes a number of committees with various goals, such as cleaning the
cows’ tails and re-educating the rats and rabbits. Most of these committees
fail to accomplish their aims, but the classes designed to teach all of the
farm animals how to read and write meet with some success. By the end of the
summer, all of the animals achieve some degree of literacy. The pigs become
fluent in reading and writing, while some of the dogs are able to learn to read
the Seven Commandments. Muriel the goat can read scraps of newspaper, while
Clover knows the alphabet but cannot string the letters together.

Another example is the
Seven Commandments and their constant revision. What began as equality, is
redefined in terms of some creatures being more “equal” than others.
Orwell uses this language to compel the reader to “think” and follow
how manipulation actually works, and to realize its effects are often
unconscious responses.

conclusion I will say the animal’s diction in the story, Animal Farm, is very
simple and easy to understand. The animals do not use any complex language or
literary devices, they understand each word that was used because they got
meaning out of it.




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