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                Philippine annexation mini-Q essay    The US had to make a hard decision. in 1898 America beat Spain in a war and made them leave the Philippines. The Filipinos wanted their independence but the United States decided to hold on to the islands. The United States has done the right thing for three reasons: the Filipinos aren’t ready, other countries might have taken over, and it is God’s plan. The first reason the US should annex is because the Filipinos simply are not ready to govern themselves. As Albert Beveridge has said, they were like children who were not old enough to be on their own (Doc B).President McKinley agreed that they weren’tready to rulethemselves (Doc D).Both men were right. lf you put kids out of the house too soon they will fallapart, even die.The next reasonto annex the Philippines is there are colonizing countries nearby thatcould grab them if America left. Beveridge and McKinley mention England, France, Germany,and even Japan(Docs B and D)lt would be like putting a little baby in the water and waitingfor sharks to eat him up. The sharks would get fat and America would stay too thin. Another reason is that the United States needs to compete with European powers that already have colonies in the Pacific.  By annexing the Philippines the US can show more power and strength. A third reason to annex isthat it is God’s Plan. As Albert Beveridge said, “Wonderfullyhas God guided us!” (Doc B).This quote shows me that God planned for the US to conquer and control the Filipinos. This was the idea of Manifest Destiny. America was meant to grow. God knew thIs and wanted America to annex other countries.It was America’s duty to civilize theFilipino’s and educate them on America’s ideas of liberty(Doc. B and D).You don’t say no toGod.Although it is sad soldiers on both sides died to make this happen, sometimes you have to say, “Just do it!” The Filipinos aren’t ready, other countries might take over, and it is God’s plan.These are three good reasons to annex the Philippines.I think the United States hasdone the right thing!        

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