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Photography is something great to have on our wonderful society, it can have a great impact on our lives. It gives the ability to remember those sad and happy moments, and you can save such wonderful moments to always keep in memory. For example in the article online new york times by John Carter it says “Photography has impacted society by allowing people to see others whom they would never have opportunity to see otherwise.” What this quote means is seeing people like presidents, politicians, celebrities and people from foreign countries. Another example is images also affect our opinions on other serious matters, such as war and crime. In the article it says “The first photo series to document war was Mathew Brady’s exhibition The Dead of Antietam.” What this shows is due to this photograph, citizens were able to view the aftermath of a bloody battle, it generated a lot of controversy and discussion. Citizens decided to do something about it. In a way photography can cause events to occur being good or bad. Photographs can get a word out there. Spread the message and inform people. Photography is also important to society. Photography matters in society because a photograph of nature can show you how beautiful the world really is. It allows you to make a connection with the beauty of nature. According to the new york times photography allows people to accurately familiarize themselves with far-off landscapes and cultures.This says people are able to relate to different cultures and places. Another example is for education. Readers are able to understand the topic of the book or article by looking at photographs related to the book or article. In the article it says “photos also serve as visual aids for education, assembly and other purposes. Readers are better able to understand a subject when they can look at helpful pictures for reference” Readers can gain a better understanding while reading their books. The book or article will make much more sense. Photography has also changed the world. It has changed the world by allowing people to express themselves by sharing wonderful photos on social media. Acording to Samantha Schwutz in average citizens could take a picture and share their experience with the world.This explains how people have the ability to share their experience. Another example is it allows people to see or find new places. In the article online it says “it allowed people to see distant places and people” This shows how photography also allows you to meet people. It allowed people to see the world in new ways. Photographs can send a strong message without the use of any words. It can really impactful messages using images alone. We can recall feeling sadness, anger or joy depending on the images and how we connect. In an article Rajib Mukherjee explains the power in photography. A picture speaks a thousand words. It has the power to move and mind and compel it to act. It can be used also to persuade viewers mind. The National Geographic or Discovery is a great example, they constantly put the world’s best and powerful images every time they publish a magazine article. The photos settle for perfection in every single one of their shots and the audience can see it.Photography can also show different perspective of different lifestyles and cultures. It allows a virtual portal into different lifestyles and cultures. Photography can show us how other societies function and how they life day to day show images of people’s lives, families, and customs. This allows our society to become more cultured by sharing cultural differences. According to an article by Robert Draper Photographers use their cameras as tools of exploration. Their images are proof that photography matters now more than ever before. This means that photographs are similar to passport that can take us places words and other things cant. Photography gives us such a strong visual we don’t even need to think about the picture for it to take our mind to the scene of the photo. Photography can be used to spread important worldwide news. In an article by Rajib Mukherjee photography has been in its purist from, a silent recorder of humanity for as long as it’s been around. This shows that photography has been used to spread news and ideas for as long as it’s been around. It allows us to spread information and news quickly and efficiently throughout society. Photography is universal and it’s something everyone understands. Like the way it spread images of Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” Telling other many people to vote for him for president. He went worldwide. Photography has zero limits on who can understand it. In a US Study 14% of adults cannot read. Photography goes beyond words. We have a universal language throughout bodily expressions. Everyone regardless of education can understand a situation through visual representations. It can bring us closer through human nature and empathy. In the end photography has had a positive effect in worlds society. Its powerful it goes above what words can do. It speaks without words and shows a powerful message.  A phenomenal photograph, freezing and capturing an outstanding image, reveals how rich reality truly is. It’s a way of feeling and touching. Anything that is captured on film is forever a memory.  

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