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Physiotherapy is a vocation that is demanding, challenging; it requires high levels of knowledge and understanding for each individual patients circumstances and needs. Some processes can be slower than others but being able to assist with a persons therapy to give them a better quality of daily life is extremely rewarding. Physiotherapy first sparked my interest while I was studying a pervious level 3 course which included studying the anatomy as well as the effects that massage and electrical treatments can have on the human body. I am currently at the Manchester City College studying Access to HE: Physiotherapy. This course has been intense combining biology, psychology and physics but it has also pushed me to achieve things that I never thought I could. I feel that this course and support from the tutors has gave me the tools I need to successfully achieve my degree. Entering back into education as a mature student has gave me a whole new drive and determination to approach every task to the best of my ability. While studying at Manchester City College I also work for Manchester Physio at their Piccadilly clinic, my day to day tasks include: setting up for treatments, keeping a high level of cleanliness in the clinic, assisting with therapist diaries, controlling the clinical stock, assisting the therapists when needed and generally keeping the clinic running smoothly.  It has been extremely beneficial having this job role as Manchester Physio have numerous work shops and lectures I am able to attend as well as the opportunity to shadow Physiotherapists. Being able to learn in depth about the different Physio aspects has also familiarised me with the CSP & HCPC regulations. This opportunity has opened my eyes to all spectrum of Physiotherapy such as Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Occupational Therapy, Constraint Induced Movement Therapy(CIMT) & Paediatrics. I have widely developed my skills and learnt a vast amount about my chosen career path. I have already organised for voluntary work this summer supporting the Constraint Induced Movement Therapy(CIMT) programmes we have planned to further my knowledge in such a specialist area. In my spare time I also attend Physiolates classes ran by physiotherapists which is not only a very effective form of Pilates but has also been great with my development. I am extremely confident in my choice of further education as I am aware of the excellent reputation of the facilities and faculty. I hope I have the privilege to further my education to fulfil my career goals with you as I feel I am ready to embark on this profession and hope to become an excellent healthcare practitioner, with your help, in the future.

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