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Pippin, written in
1972, is a Tony Award winning ‘musical with music and lyrics by Stephen
Schwartz and a book by Roger O. Hirson. Bob Fosse, who directed the original
Broadway production, also contributed to the libretto. The musical uses the
premise of a mysterious performance troupe, led by a Leading Player, to tell
the story of Pippin, a young prince on his search for meaning and significance.’
WIKIPEDIA, 2017. ‘The protagonist Pippin and his father Charlemagne are
characters derived from two real-life individuals of the early Middle Ages,
though the plot presents no historical accuracy regarding either.’ WIKIPEDIA

‘Pippin was
originally conceived as a student musical titled Pippin, Pippin and
was performed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Scotch’n’Soda theatre troupe
(Holahan, 2006)/WIKIPEDIA 2017.’ ‘Stephen Schwartz collaborated with Ron
Strauss, and, when Schwartz decided to develop the show further, Strauss
left the project. Schwartz has said that not a single line nor note from
Carnegie Mellon’s Pippin, Pippin made it into the final show we
see today (HoustonPBS, 2011)/WIKIPEDIA 2017.’

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‘I decided to study drama at Carnegie Mellon
University, in Pittsburgh… there was a student organisation, called Scotch ‘n’
Soda, that put on a musical each year. I signed up, and told them I was a
composer and would like to write for the show. It turned out they needed
someone to write the music, and that’s how I got started.’ STEPHEN SCHWARTZ

‘The show was partially financed
by Motown Records and as of November 2017, the original run of Pippin
was the 33rd longest-running Broadway show.’ WIKIPEDIA 2017. ‘Ben Vereen and
Patina Miller both won Tony Awards for their portrayals of the Leading Player
in the original Broadway production and the 2013 revival, making them the first
two actors of different sexes to win a Tony for the same role.’ WIKIPEDIA 2017 ‘Many
interpretations of Pippin have risen since its debut, and
diverse explanations of the musical’s meaning.’ WIKIPEDIA 2017

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